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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

My Brain is Melting

After the nonsense I went through today with red tape paperwork , blah ,blah , blah and then trying to find my way home ... I got soooo lost ... it took forever and my panic attacks were having panic attacks.

I stopped at one place to ask for directions and a young man and his wife were sitting at a picnic table outside under a massive Banyan tree .. I wished I were sitting there relaxing and appreciating the beauty instead of being twisted inside with anxiety and worry ... the wife was holding their new baby .. a beautiful little girl ... I wanted one  ... sigh~ They aren't as easy to get as they used to be :)

Today just did me in ... prepare yourself for whining crying and if you have no patience, make a run for it now...
Honey the cat stood by me with me weeping and wailing, Minette bumped heads with me and Merlin woke up to kiss me then back to sleep.

I managed to find my way to the place to get my papers changed with the new address etc from NY to Fl for my car .. So that alone was a dreadful long drive ... then a long drive on pretty 2 lane roads where I prayed I would not break down .. who knew how long it would be before they found me .. shriveled up in the car .. clinging to the steering when with one hand and my phone in the other .. 

I sat and waited maybe half an hour then a very brusque lady called my number and I walked up and told her why I was there and what I did not have with me ... she said Can't help you, come back when you have it all. Then she went back to chatting with the girls and I walked out to the car dejectedly but started getting a little pissed that she spoke to me so rudely..

I started driving home, totally depressed that it didn't happen and I will have to do it again.
Then somehow ... I was lost the wilds of North Florida. I drove along for a while, it was at least a pretty drive with massive trees dripping moss lining the 2 land road ... with very pretty and  very old homes along the way .. some behind high fences and gates.

I stopped at a little place where people were sitting at picnic tables and eating and I asked this couple for directions. They were so young. They were the very proud parents of a tiny baby girl. I have to say that this meeting with these 3 sweeties was the highlight of my day, followed by the relief and happiness when I pulled into my driveway and the cats were waiting at the door.
Of course it was dinner time but it was still good to see them when I needed it.
I can't find the Title to my car ... I thought my son had it .. he doesn't. I don't .. or maybe I do ..
I have to talk to people and see ..  this horrifies me .
They sure weren't very nice here   ... the Southern softness and politeness stops at the door of the Dept of Motor Vehicles..

I need to go back to that little cafe and sit under the Banyan tree and hold a tiny baby ..  yeah...that'll do it .


liparifam said...

Oh, gosh, that's dreadful. Moving as much as I have, I definitely know what you mean! Just went through it again a few months ago. At one point I had to send off to the state I lived in previously and where I originally bought my vehicle for a copy of the title - you can do that if you have to... Sometimes I see strangers with a baby, and have such a strong desire to ask to hold it, lol! I guess they'd call the police or something, huh? :)

NotesFromAbroad said...

Yeah, they would definitely call the police, these days you never know who is nuts and who just loves babies ..
At least this couple, when I said how beautiful the baby was , were very free with letting me touch her etc ... young couples with babies ... hey, that used to be me !!

liparifam said...

Oh, and also - when I first moved to GA and went to change all my info at the auto registration pace, the lady was super nice! She even made a phone call to my insurance company for me and had them fax some info I lacked to her while I waited. But that was small town and everyone was helpful and nice. In Atlanta, not so much, and for sure the POST OFFICES have been a different story; just the worst employees and attitudes EVER. I hate having to go. Somehow, I never think of Florida as being a "southern" state - isn't that crazy?? It just seems totally different than the other southern states to me, an entity unto itself. I always think of it as somewhere to go on vacation, not as a place people live, lol. I guess because when I was growing up, we went there on vacation pretty much every year, and so many people I know do the same, taking their kids to Disney or Universal every year...

NotesFromAbroad said...

I must say that the NY people were kind and gentle with me when I had to make those calls changing everything over to me, my name only after my husband died.

I know exactly what you mean .. I grew up in North Carolina, that is Southern but maybe because Fl is also so full of people from Up North etc it seems less Southern ?

Whatever it is ... the people here have been super nice and helpful .. not really inclusive but nice and helpful is all I ask for :)

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