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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Cats and Hair ...

Happy Saturday !
I didn't exactly get to sleep late, but I got to lay there undisturbed for a while ... my babies are growing up .. they find something to eat and take a nap somewhere quiet ... I adore kittens but this is the Upside to having a cat.
I don't have to walk them and they munch on dry kibble left down for them ..

I wanted to do something today but I think , I will just spend today trying to be peaceful.

Worrying about red tape sort of things in Florida, thinking about life back in NY, thinking about life back in Buenos Aires ... being walked over and sat upon by large kitties who have no idea that they are not petite little kittens ..
I think Honey weighs about 20 lbs ... I tried to weigh her .. my back has still not recovered ..
She is huge , heavy and slippery ... can't figure it out but Minette is small and sleek and easy to hold, Merlin is a large (heavier than he looks) hairy old man who just goes limp. He knows ... you can't fight it, just surrender ... Mama is going to kiss you ... just be still and take it like a man / cat.

The sun is blazing in the window, the clouds are skimming by and the man on the radio is talking about storms ... please god, let them be somewhere else .. that needs rain ..

My friends from NY who were living in Fl ... have returned to NY.
Increasing my longing to be there .. my memories of all the good stuff ... my fear that it is true -
You can't go back. We won't even discuss missing Buenos Aires ..sigh ~

Have I mentioned that I got a haircut ... first one since being in Florida .. I needed a trim .. I got a lopsided haircut .. I hate it ..
My hair is a hairdressers dream , it is easy to handle, does what you tell it to do and being straight, it is easy to cut. IF you know what you are doing .. you don't have to comb that little handful of hair 30 times before snipping it ... you should know to check the bottom when you are done ... is it level ? straight across ? do the sides match ? one isn't longer than the other is it ?
This girl did none of those things ... I did .. She failed.
I will go back to NY for my next haircut.

Happy Saturday !!


Jules said...

Brave lady getting a haircut. I've never liked getting mine done. X

NotesFromAbroad said...

In my previous life, I did advertising work .. Wella was one of the accounts that I worked for .. because they liked my hair. lol ... Yes, if it is blonde, that is my head/hair on your bottle of shampoo :)

liparifam said...

That's so funny - I've been going to my daughter's stylist since I moved here, and he leaves one side at least 1 inch longer than the other every single time! Bizarre :(

hetismij2 said...

Just catching up on things now most of our boxes are unpacked and things are settling down here.
One condition of moving here was that I could keep my hairdresser in the town where we used to live. Good stylists are hard to find, and I have been with her for years. I would hate to have to start over, and put up with bad cuts until I found a good one.

I hope you will soon be packing up again and heading to somewhere you love, and can find yourself a good hairdresser there.

NotesFromAbroad said...

Thank you heti ... Hairdressers are so important to us :)

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