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There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
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Groucho Marx
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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Today & my friend Irma

Wednesday, 9/13/17

I woke a tiny bit later this morning , cats must have worn themselves out worrying about hurricanes hitting them ... and I listened .
Nope .. not a sound .. no wind. No rain . No sirens.
The cats were snuggled in so I thought, hey, they aren't worried, why should I and I slept a little longer.
It is gorgeous out,, no clouds and the sky is an amazing blue.

I hear cars .. in the distance, people are going to work ... school ... evacuating .. it is peaceful ..
The calm before the storm ?
Or is the dread, fear and worry behind us now ? Somehow I worry that that would be too easy ..
It is hovering still ..

In other news ... I am grandmother to a new puppy.
I want this puppy . She is a Shitzu ... black with a tiny white mark ... impossible not to carry her around in your hand and kiss all the time.
I have been considering the idea of getting one for myself ... the cats would be delighted .. or not.
I need a dog to add to my pack of (3) cats like a hole in the head but hey ... no one gets to tell me what I can and cannot do .. except the landlord ... but what if I move ? yeah ..

I don't like Florida anymore. You know why.

I do love my daughter and wish she would move to NY too.

So - today is a day of online work, decision making, and phone calling. work work work ...

I hope everyone is safe and dry and free of worry and dread ... I know exactly what the dread feeling is like ... I think I have it too often for most normal people.
which might mean I am not normal.... or my circumstances need to be made more normal.. we will see.

This, btw, is my new friend Irma/Little Irma  ... he/she took shelter in my plant pot by the front door .. during the storm I moved the plant to a sheltered spot and there he/she was this morning .. safe and sound and thanking me .. brave little creature, just looks at me as I look at it .. so those 2 pots now belong to her/him ..


NotesFromAbroad said...

That is a leaf under its chin ..

Terra Hangen said...

Maybe a dog in your near future? My cat never lived with a dog and when I got my Chihuahua/Terrier Bounce last November I was worried about my kitty but they get along fine.

NotesFromAbroad said...

No dogs for me for a while .. I have 3 cats .. that is enough to cope with at this time . But I do intend to get one some day .. I have always had dogs . . since I was a toddler and we had my bodyguard, the German Shepherd named Duke .. to the collie I name .. yes.. Lassie .. to various other dogs. My husband and I had Tate, the chocolate brown Standard Poodle who had fans all over the US and Argentina :)
This is no time for me to have a dog .. but I will again, someday .

liparifam said...

Cute frog! I've gotten to where I kind of like them these days. Lots of yard cleanup ahead of me today as it looks like the sun will come out...

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