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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Back When I Was Happy

There was a dove's nest in that tree out there, we would open the windows and hear cooing.
At night, we discovered there was a doves nest under the air conditioner in the window- at night we could hear cooing .
A lot of cooing when on in our home ...

The ceilings were ridiculously high, the portero had to bring up a special high ladder so we could change a light bulb.

Strange, I have been back in the Unites States for 4 years now .. I don't feel as At Home as I did , back in Buenos Aires, at home.

Tate was there too ... funny, if I think about it ... I arrived in Buenos Aires with everything that was important to me and that I loved ... and now they are gone .
I have the cats now .. and I will move again .. I wonder if I will ever get that feeling of Feeling At Home again .. or is Home the people and things around you, not the Place ?

The cats and I are our little unit now ... I wonder how they would like Buenos Aires .... 


  1. I can't allow myself to dwell on past memories; I end up paralyzed with grief. So I redirect my thoughts to the present and future. I've taken as my mantra this paraphrase Don Draper from Mad Men, "I'm not certain where my life is headed, but it's moving in only one direction - and that's forward". I try not to look back too much. Maybe one day I will be able to, but not now...

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog, I have also read all of MHC books as well. Somehow I managed to miss this latest one, one of my neighbours gave it to me. They are such easy reads and can be read in a few days. It is so obvious from your writing that you miss living in Buenos Aires and everything and everyone in your life at that time. I agree with the above comment about moving forward. Easier said than done! I do think that home is made up of the people and things around you and not the place.

  3. Moving forward or just moving at all is better than sitting in one place for too long.
    So whatever changes I make, I will be moving forward again, which is a good thing and something I look forward to.
    Home is something different to everyone ... not just the building you live in, the town you live in .. if you have friends or family ... it is where you Feel At Home.
    And so we go ......

  4. My house felt like a home when I held a dinner party for a small group of friends. Then it felt even more like home home when my cats threw up a hairball or two.

  5. I like to watch my guests leave after a fun evening and see cat hair on their clothes .. lol .. not really.

  6. AK ... I guess we will be glad it is a cat throwing up and not a guest :)

  7. I always feel home is where my kitties are. I also love visiting my hometown and home I grew up as my family is there :-)

  8. Yes, Tamago .. Home is Where the Kitties Are ...
    Now though, NY is still Home, even if I am living in Florida .. even Buenos Aires is more Home to me than Florida.

  9. Texas is home to me. Sometimes I yearn for it so badly - the big sky, endless vistas, the quality of the sunlight, the pastures of wildflowers, the longhorns in the fields - I feel heartsick. Yet I doubt I'll ever live there again because my daughter has no interest in going back, and I think it's best for us both if I'm near her as I get older. Sad, but just life, I guess...

  10. Wishing you well in your plans - I hope you find somewhere you can feel settled and at peace. xx


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