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Alan Cohen
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Monday, August 14, 2017

Spam & the Cats

My Spam has gotten more interesting .. not only do I get the usual offers to hook me up with gorgeous women ... ( I have no idea) ...or offering me specials in holidays , bargain shopping and today ... I got an email about my taxes due ... in Brazil.

I never did get to go to Brazil.
We talked about it but we were having so much fun in Buenos Aires, we were so happy there, we put off trips farther away .... like Brazil... where I have never been ... or owe taxes...

I worry about money. I don't care how many times all kinds of people tell me I don't have to .. I do.
Now I have to worry about Brazil.

(not really .. I am not that nutty ... yet )

So the sky was blue and pretty, it is now solid clouds ... and there is no air, no breeze at all.
Tonight we are getting storms, winds and buckets of rain.

I would much rather be worried about how many feet of snow will fall than how much rain will fall.

So how has your Monday been ?

Light hearted ....
Minnette, the little girl, who rarely makes a sound, has learned to howl.
Yes, that little blue girl sounds like something in a 1950's Horror movie.

Honey, the triple plus size kitty, has a little baby girl meow.. totally charming.

Merlin ... purrs really loud ... makes funny ack ack noises at me if I annoy him, if I keep it up, he will smack me ... with no claws.
If I annoy Minette, she lets me have it, claws and all. . meow ..

I will keep busy this week  .. preparing for my future .. What are you doing ?

Honey takes a nap

**I have been told the Spam comes from me using online websites for shopping **


hetismij2 said...

It's raining here, again. It has been a miserable summer.

I am surrounded by boxes, some full, some waiting to be filled.
The removal men come a week on Thursday and take everything into storage.
We will be officially homeless for a month.

I hope you'll be packing again soon and off on your new adventure!

I hope the rain isn't too bad for you, or better yet misses you completely.

NotesFromAbroad said...

Thank you heti !!
It has been beautiful here lately but now there is a hurricane coming. Which makes me want to run away screaming lol
Watch your back while packing, that is the one piece of advice I will give you .. it can be so bad on your back muscles .. I have gotten to where I like packing, it is part of the anticipation of moving.

Linda deV said...

I think when I realized that I was the only one I could count on I started the habit of worrying. Not a ton but a little. I had always had a partner to bare the weight of it before.

I, too, am doing OK but there is no backup so I worry a bit.

NotesFromAbroad said...

exactly, "no backup" .. I have decided that the only person who can do anything about this is Me so I have started taking steps to put myself in a better place .. worrying too much is not good .. being alone all the time is bad .. I have to make changes and make everything back to Good :)

Linda said...

HI Candice...
I never get SPAM anymore...thanks god!!
This week, I am having lots of company at the cottage.
Guests for the day and dinner on Thursday...
Guests for the day...and sleepover on Friday...
I am giddy with excitement! hahaha!!
Hopefully I can get thru all the meals, without tearing what's left of my hair out!
My son and DIL are expecting a daughter in December...
Miss V has lost her first tooth!!
It has been a very hot...humid...stormy summer here in Southern Ontario...
How bout moving up here??? We are a very friendly bunch!
Enjoy the rest of your week...stay dry!!
Linda :o)

NotesFromAbroad said...

Linda, Congratulations ! another sweetie to kiss and spoil :)
What did the fairy leave under Miss V's pillow ? or rather the GrandFairy ?
Be careful with those invitations ... you might find me at the door one day .. yikes :)

Linda said...

Oh her Mommy took care of that!
She asked for chocolate coins! hahaha!!
She found her some!
Soon the new granddaughter will arrive...such fun!
Enjoy your week my friend...

NotesFromAbroad said...

I want a granddaughter ! I have two grandsons .. 20 years apart, how crazy is that ???

Linda said...

Crazy! ☺️

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