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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Enough is Enough

My heart goes out to the many many people who were wounded, the families who lost children, the husbands and wives and grandparents and everyone whose lives have been forever lost or dreadfully changed, in England.
Not just in Manchester, but throughout England, the family members, the friends who live elsewhere , the people who never met them but one day might have .... all the hope and promise of young people, gone. . in an instant .. taken by sub humans ..

How many innocents will be lost ?
How many tragedies in how many families and towns and cities will be suffered ?
How long does the rest of the Civilized World allow anything like this to ever even be possible again?

How can people who are in charge in various areas of the world, of governments, armies , towns and neighborhoods, not do something ?

I was not born yet , but like most Americans, I Remember Pearl Harbor ..
I was born and living in the NY area in September, 2001. I Remember ...
We all remember.
And we all should be thinking something along the same lines ... This Cannot Happen Again.

These Animals Have To Be Stopped ... in whatever way there is ..
The Murderers of Children and young people, cannot be allowed to exist.

It is Enough.
It is time  to do something about this ...


  1. I share your thoughts & thank you for taking the time to mention this awful tragedy. It has hit home for me personally as I was born and raised in Manchester, spent my youth there & worked my first job just blocks from where this atrocity happened. I moved to Canada with my husband in l967 but return to Manchester often as I still have a lot of family there. I am happy to call myself a Canadian but upon hearing about this awful attack a part of me felt sick for my birth place & when I read the details about this senseless act where young people have been cruelly taken it breaks my heart for their families, for Manchester and regrettably for the world. How does the world rid itself of such hatred should be the number one task of every decent human being. Hug your little furry friends a little closer & pray.

  2. Ridding the world of hate seems insurmountable when you think of all the places where hate abounds.
    Parents should watch what they say and teach their children Not to hate .. that would be the first step on my list ...

  3. Yesterday's posting of some of the victims of this despicable terrorist attack certainly broke my heart - all those beautiful innocent little girls who will never have a life - where, when will it all end!

  4. Part of the problem is the politicians ... so many do not use their power well or are afraid someone won't like them/vote for them if they show some backbone .. or they bluster and blab on and on but never do anything.
    When the people start making the right decisions . perhaps the leaders will lead better ... we cannot go back in time...


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