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Friday, April 21, 2017

Family ... Who Knew ?

So my sweet daughter with the insatiable need to KNOW EVERYTHING turned her attention to Our Family.
There are all kinds of mysteries .. or were ... nothing is safely hidden if my daughter wants to know ..

Not to mention, she should be the head of the Department of Whatever that Hunts Down People Who Are Trying to Hide. Even if they have been dead for 200 + years.

I say all of this with Great Pride ... she is amazing.

So here is todays news ...

I have a photo of the gravestone of my  10th Great Grandfather ... pretty nice stone .. all these years later too !

But then she sent me the photo of the man ...
wow ..

Sir Richard Hale (Sir Knight de Halys)

Cheerful looking old coot, no ?
So at the moment, I am boggled that my daughter has found out so much so quickly and with photos !
I am considering hiring her out, our sweet family bloodhound ... You can run but you can't hide.
I can't wait to see who/what she finds next. 

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