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Alan Cohen
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Thursday, April 20, 2017

A Quickie

 As we all know, here in the US anyway, it is Tax Time.
The person who did mine for me since my husband died, is out of the country.
I am in a state of low level simmering panic because the only person I know who could help, is ignoring me.
Too busy, gotta go, talk to ya later ...

So there is a good chance I won't be posting for a few days , you don't want to hear my whining and moaning and it would bore me too .. plus talking about it exacerbates my panic attacks .. I kinda want to keep breathing on my own, you know.

I will be back when this new glitch in my search for peace and contentment is dealt with and I can start back on my new goals ... they are good... I can't wait.

Cats are excited too.
I know this how ?

When I told Merlin, he purred louder.
Honey looked up from her bowl and said Yeah?? then back to the bowl.
Minette butted heads with me and purred .. she seems to be the only one that takes a real interest in our lives ...

Ta ta for now,


  1. Me too... I hate Tax Time!!
    Not nice that your anxiety is being fobbed off, no not nice at all.

    I was told by someone more experienced than me in Tax matters that you should replace your accountant/Tax agent every three years as they become complacent!

    This agent you are using sounds like he is a bit full of his own importance & I would tell him so.
    Good luck with it.. you can only do your best :)

  2. My husband hired this person while we were in Argentina, he did it all via the internet .. worked out perfectly. We paid US and Argentine taxes by the way :(

    But now .. feh .. I want to go back to NY where my great banker/realtor/accountant can be found ..
    I like your advice .. thank you ~


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