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Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Wink Girl

"A Whirl of Girls " ! Should Babes Be Spanked ?

Mens magazines in the early '50s ..

But back to the subject .. the Wink Girl.
One day, my husband and I were wandering around various neighborhoods in NYC .. this neighborhood was pretty blah .. ordinary apartment buildings, nothing to catch our interest except for the One and Only Antique store in the middle of the block.
We went in, wandered around, it was too dusty and musty for me, I felt sneezes coming on .. I went out to the car and he came out shortly after ..
He had the look of a prospector who had struck Gold.
Big grin, eyes twinkling ... " You've got to come in and see what I found " ! he said ... I said "What "?
He said " You have to See it !"

The interior of the shop was mostly dust. Dust covered everything and gave everything a dull ordinary junk look. Up against a wall were large dust covered canvases , framed on wood.. no actual frames ..  he just stood there grinning like an idiot. I was getting sneezy .. "what is it "? she asked with too much crankiness.

He just held his hand out and pointed and there she was, how could I have missed her ?!
An oil on canvas stretched on a wooden frame ... the painting had no print on it, this is a photo of the magazine cover.
The oil painting was the artists , which would become the magazine cover.

My husband was in love. I said it looks like Betty Grable. He said it looks like you. LOL .. he really wanted that painting !

For a mere pittance, I don't remember exactly but $200 comes to mind .. we bought this .
Our "Wink Girl".
We never ended up framing her, we liked the rawness of the unframed canvas with the fabulous Betty Grable look alike ..
She went everywhere with us, no matter where we lived, she fit right in, there was always a room with a wall that was meant for her .

And then came the day when we were packing to move to Argentina.
My husband worried that she would not do well in the packing shipping experience.
He did research, spoke to a man in NYC who collects vintage paintings ... he was so anxious to buy her.  And so he did . For quite a lot more than $250-

We said goodby and had her shipped to NYC  .
I always feel like there is a wall in wherever I live, that would look great with her up there on it.

Our Wink Girl.

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