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But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful.
There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
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Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read."
Groucho Marx
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Sunday, March 19, 2017


 Spring has so many kinds of beauty.
For those in the North, it is with relief that a bud opens or a leaf peeps out , a tiny hint of green in the garden, birds are noisy and seem to be everywhere , deer are out in the meadow, in the warm daylight, flocks of Starlings gather in a large black cloud and swoop across the sky, filling the pine trees while they stop and have a rest and a chat with each other .
At night the raccoons are out with small babies, being taught by their mama where the best houses are for raiding the garbage cans or garden patch.
The air smells different ... not so cold and sharp when you breathe, softer , scented with green and a bit of floral ..

In the South, it is much more muted, less drastic, less a relief. Oh yes, it is welcome and beautiful and admired greatly but it doesn't come after months of bitter cold and snow and rain and dreariness.
Winter has its beauty but after a while that beauty fades and you long for Spring.

Spring with noisy birds , flocks of birds , baby animals, depending on where you live, how many and how close they may be ..
Spring with the pleasure of going out without wearing layers and layers of clothing and gloves and scarves ... put them away ! don't look at them for at least 5 or 6 months ...If you are lucky.

If you are in the North, you know exactly what I mean.
If you are in the South, you can get the idea ... but you might also miss that pleasure.
If you live where it is almost always warm, sunny, things always growing and green and flowers everywhere, the pleasure a person in the North gets out of Spring is a little beyond what  a Southerner has.
Which has its good points and its bad points .

I have a pine tree forest behind me.
It is always green. There are always birds. There are deer. There are racoons I think. I know there is a green snake.
 I know there are huge birds that look like a condor , they fly very high up above the trees, slowly circling ..
I feel like a wagon train will come along, everyone hot and thirsty with those damned birds circling over them .. No my imagination is just fine thank you.

It is very quiet here. This is a Good Thing. At night it is silent.
I am not nervous , even with that forest out there ... no deer will try to break in and steal my plants.
An Armadillo did try to come in one day for a bite but the walls stopped him.
I felt bad. He turned around and waddled back into the forest.
How many people get to say that the Armadillo wanted to come in for coffee but couldn't get in the door?

I am ready to go back North.
Enough of this all year round warm weather and green and no snow.
I knew I had had enough about a month of so ago. I am isolated, moreso here than up North.
It is impossible to make friends or acquaintances in a place like this - people get in their cars from the house into the garage, you never actually see your neighbors, only their cars coming and going.
No one walks. I saw ( on my walk ) someone drive to the mailbox.
This was a distance of maybe from your door to your street if you live in a town.

The good points are many and all very good.
The beauty of the place. The little things that still give me a thrill... pelicans flying over in a squadron... armadillos hanging out by my back door ...deer ... a green snake ...once .. that was enough.
Birds of all kinds, noisy, pretty, all sizes ..
Butterflies ... hummingbirds ...

I want to go Home.

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