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Friday, January 20, 2017

The Doors in BA

My late husband suggested that I make a collection of my photos of the Doors.
I love the doors in Buenos Aires, all the old buildings have these massive wonderful doors on these pretty wonderful buildings. This was the front door of an apartment building, the other door just like it led to a hidden garden that only the residents had a key to.
I always wanted to live there, just because of that door.

Our home had glass and metal doors.. they were not bad and brought in light to the lobby which was all glass doors circa 1920 .. and an old "cage style" elevator that went right up the middle of the building with the marble staircase winding around the elevator shaft.

There were only 5 floors and only 2 apartments to each floor so it was still very quiet and you never had to wait for an elevator.

And then there were buildings like this  ... I have no memory if it was an apartment building or a government building . I remember the area so it could have been either.
We lived among a few Embassies and Ambassadors Residences .. what can I say .. it was lovely.

One day I might remember to tell the story of how we actually found our apartment in Buenos Aires.
Fate ... it is all up to Fate.


  1. I read this post and it makes me smile. I have collected photos and paintings of doors, slightly ajar, gates, slightly ajar, windows, just a bit opened, paths through trees leading into the distance, and it just makes me believe that in my heart and my mind I am looking at something just off in the distance that is waiting for me. One of my favorite movie scenes as a little girl was from the Wizard of Oz when they wake up from the poppy slumber and see the Emerald City in the distance. I think that led me to my "ajar" obsession. Have a great weekend.

    1. Angie I wish I could see your collection! That appeals to me very much.

  2. I love doors that are interesting and colorful. My husband spent a larger part of a trip in France taking pictures of capitals on old columns. Not as colorful but interesting.

    1. Marianne, actually , I think it sounds very interesting. The most mundane objects, when in a group, look totally different, sometimes:)

  3. LOL, well , "anonymous" noted that I have already told the story of how we found our apartment in BA, maybe I won't retell it.
    Or ... maybe they can not re-read it and anyone new who might have not read the blog yet, will be interested.

  4. Oh go ahead and retell the story, it is your blog

  5. :) MaryAnn, thank you ! yeah ! it i My Blog ! :)

  6. I love your photography of BA. Many photos are so lovely that they could be on note/greeting cards. I hope you will return to BA, for a visit or more... and take a whole new batch.


  7. Gloria
    The return trip is in the early planning stages. Thank you!!


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