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Saturday, January 28, 2017

I Miss New York

It is cold in Florida.
My cats discovered that there is a reason why I sleep in the bed with all those comforters.
I discovered why a bigger bed could be a good idea.
We all slept late and listening to Merlin purr his head off, eyes closed, foot twitching like he was dreaming he was playing a guitar, put me back into a light sleep.
Broken when Honey, Bless her Heart, yelled at me for being late with Breakfast.

She is now napping. Full of Breakfast.
Minette is in my closet, sleeping on a shelf.
Merlin is under the bed .. in his igloo .. warm, dark, safe, quiet.

I am about to go find something for myself and then to make lists.
I like lists. Actually, I love lists.
I feel organized when I make lists.
I shame myself when I lose lists, I am proud of myself when I keep a list, follow the list and come home with something accomplished.

I have things to do that are sort of interesting in the usual Things To Do way ..
I never really unpacked a few boxes when I moved in here .. for various reasons.
And having 3 bedrooms for myself, one has a closet full of boxes clothes and suitcases that await ..
packing, unpacking, putting away, throwing away, etc.

I will spend the day unpacking ... making piles ... folding things ... packing again.
3 bedrooms , large closets, they still can't accommodate me and my clothes and shoes and well, I admit, my handbags need at least half a closet of their own.

All those handbags are so wasted here. No one cares if I carry the same bag every day, but me.
Minette frowned once when she saw me carrying the same bag for several days but she might have just had a headache.

I have handbags that I don't carry, but will never get rid of , sentimental reasons ..
The day my husband and I went down to Soho *NYC* for lunch, stopped in some boutiques, and then the Prada store ... and I walked out with the tan suede with dark leather straps Prada bag ..
I never carry brown handbags. But I do dress for that bag .. in these years since that day, it still looks in style too.

I will enjoy shopping , even if it is Just Looking, in the Prada store again.
And then on over to Armani ... then to Broadway and a couple of shoe stores and food shops and back to the galleries where I can get my fill of Arty sights and sounds.

I miss New York City . It is Time to Visit ...  I wonder if I can wait until Spring ...


  1. Women and their handbags - what is it about them? Maybe it's another version of the need to organize. The endless search for The Perfect Purse.

  2. Could be . :) If your life is a bit messy, it makes sense to keep your handbag perfectly neat and tidy.
    Know what you can control .... makes sense.

    Or .... like shoes, some of us just love our handbags ... and shoes ... and earrings ... and .. :)


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