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Tuesday, January 3, 2017


 Minette has not left Merlins side since he went upstairs last night, under my bed and has been sleeping ever since.
He has not made a sound, I have to crawl under the bed and listen for his breathing.
I check on him often, lying on the floor, under the bed, listening ..hoping.
Minette hangs around, not bothering, but checking.
She must wonder why he isn't up and out on the lanai with her, where they spend their days, napping and cat chatting.
I am trying to keep busy, my heart is breaking.
I just want him to wake up and squint at me and ask for something to eat.
I want to hear that rusty rumbling purr and know he is fine ..
What would we do without Merlin ?



Merlin has an ear infection/both ears. So he got a shot of antibiotic, drops for mama to try to manage to get in his ears Twice a day !!
He got some new food that is good for his age and will help fatten him up a bit. He is huge but too lightweight.

I almost kissed the vet, I did my best not to ... and I didn't cry either ... I did my best not to.

Merlin and I were so happy to be home, he got his drops in his ears and some of the fancy shmancy fatten him up cat food and he is now sleeping it off in the living room on his dog bed.
*the one in the photo above*
Minette and Honey are relieved too. They both gave him a thorough sniffing and now they are relaxing out on the lanai where I plan to be in 5 minutes.

All Is Well 💕


  1. Look what I came across on Facebook today. It's about you!

  2. LOL !!! Mym, i is exactly me !!
    Thank you , this was perfect.

  3. I'm so happy for you. Merlin is going to bring ok.

  4. Thank you Fran :)
    Merlins OK, then I am OK ... too many things have gone Not OK in the past couple of years ... we need a few years ( 50) to relax.


    More photos if you can't get enough of Merlin or Minette and a few of Honey.
    Shameless plug for my cats.

  6. Everyone slept well and on my bed, thankfully big enough .. No one seems to be feeling bad, Merlin is eating which is important, he is so fragile and thin. So the day has started well. <3

  7. Just catching up on Merlin - what a relief! Poor Merlin, I hope the drops and fancy food help him.

    Love the video Myriam!

  8. Wonderful news !
    Good luck with the ear drops, Oliver goes off and hides :)


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