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Monday, January 30, 2017

A Good Boy

I miss the parks in Buenos Aires.
Yes, I am surrounded by green lawns, a State Forest behind my home, green everywhere, and I miss those parks in the city of Buenos Aires.

There are benches to sit and enjoy a bite to eat, rest and people watch, make a phone call, read a book, people watch.
People go to the parks for every reason and enjoy them ..

And not just people, all kinds of sweet creatures like the parks ..
Our dog, Tate was a great lover of "his" park. He would stand by the door in the mornings after we had gotten dressed, he knew it was time to go for a walk.
He knew the words, Go For A Walk ... he would be at the door waiting, once he heard those words.

We walked the block and a half down to the miles of parks that stretched along the wide avenues.
Sometimes we stopped at the bakery first, then had our scone ( not like any scone you have had) and did a bit of people watching, while Tate did a bit of dog sniffing ..
He would get his fair share of pets and kisses from the regular park goers who knew us, him .. and from new people who saw him for the first time.
You see, they had no Standard Poodles in Buenos Aires.
Small ones yes, but no big ones.
So my big brown boy was a show stopper. We had people stop us at a red light as we were crossing an avenue, asking us what kind of dog ? In the park , not only the people were interested but so were the other dogs.
Most of the dogs were "intact" ... they were dumbfounded by this big curly haired dog that didn't smell like a girl, but he didn't smell like a boy either ..
So we were often forced to drag someone's dog off of Tate or save Tate from being molested by a confused male dog.
Poor Tate, there were days that he was reluctant to go into the park.
We were able to take him everywhere, they are good that way, in Buenos Aires. We would go to a corner cafe, sitting outside in the sun and fresh air, having coffee and a scone and the waiters always brought Tate a bowl of water.

It was a whole aspect of living in another country that I / we never considered and experienced it with delight every day.

I miss that dog ... he was such a Good Boy ..


  1. My niece is traveling there now. She is in love with the city. But, she says it is extremely expensive. Was it expensive when you lived there? Wondering what changed.....

  2. I don't know how expensive it is there now, but it was very affordable when we lived there.
    What changed ? the currency .. political this and that ... the usual.. like Paris or the US for tourists,


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