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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Was it Happy ? Merry ? Good ?

The cats got presents.
It was so cute. Stuffed cat toys. Merlin stared at his a minute and when I moved it closer to him, he ran. I found him a while ago, under my bed. He might need to see a therapist ..
Honey is her same sweet self. She will play with a toy if you play with her. She will nap , she will look out the window... she sometimes sits and quietly chats with Minette. Who is about as big as Honeys tail.
Merlin naps. Sometimes if it is chilly, he wraps his tail around him like a big fur boa.
Right now he is under my bed...where he will stay until bedtime then I am allowed to pick him up and plop him down in his spot on the bed, next to my spot.. I sleep on the outside, they all sleep on the other side.
I can just imagine me having to get out of bed in a hurry, falling over cats in every direction.
So far, everyone stays in their spot and we all wake up in our spot and happy to see each other.

So that was my day .. dinner was something I whipped up a day ago when bored ...
Thinking that I was possibly feeding more people than just me, I had a lot of leftovers.
I will be eating Christmas Dinner for about a week.
Until it becomes New Years Eve Dinner.

Tell me about your day .. presents, did you get what you wished for ? Did Santa come through for you ?
Anyone taking a trip or are you away now, instead of the family around a tree thing ?
I know of a couple who took their grown kids and their small (grand) children on a flight to an island and  celebrated that way- a much better way of spending money than on gifts, if you ask me.

My first trip to England was in March, my husband gave me that trip as my birthday gift.
It became an annual Anniversary gift to ourselves, to take a trip somewhere .. much better than another ring or bracelet or whatever ...

I got Christmas cards from my neighbors in NY.
I was so glad that all are not only well, but the other neighbors are still alive and kicking too.
And me ? Alive ... Kicking ... Learning to speak Cat .... Making Plans for the Future.
Isn't that what New Year's is for ?? a New Year, a New Plan..


  1. Oh Candice! I am sorry. I really hoped someone would turn up and surprise you. I hope Merlin gets over the sock of a present!

    We had a good day with our sons and grandsons, Merlijn and Casper. Even my eldest son came, and is still here today, though he doesn't say a lot, or join in much, too tied up in his own problems at the moment.

    Today we will relax, maybe go for a walk, miss having a dog to force us outside.

    Get those plans made and carry them out, and soon!

    I hope 2017 is a better year for you.

  2. Well I am thinking of you now, and also thinking that many families just get together to engage in forced friendliness at this time, along with some who genuinely love it all, of course. The Solstice is the significance for me, as we start another spin around the sun, but we did have our meal together on the 25th - a little family of four - and I will see my brother tomorrow, who is all that I have got left now. Not many true friends either - perhaps not a single true friend really, but a few reasonably friendly acquaintances. Is it not the truth that we are all completely alone, even in a crowd? Good wishes and positive thoughts, for having been at times in the black pit of empty despair, I do know the world surely has much to offer if we can look at it in the necessary way. Give those cats a pat and a scratch from me, for I have none and I miss the ones I used to have.

    1. Andrew, a true friend is priceless, and so often more valuable than family.
      Happy New Year!

  3. My sister lives in England & after losing her husband she too became a low priority for her two children, she would like to move to a smaller home but doesn't want to move two far away from two kids that don't have the time of day for her. Since her husband died she has not celebrated a birthday or Mothers Day & the sadness overwhelms her. I try to encourage her to buy a pet so she has a reason to get out of bed & has at least some company. Relationships are two way streets & someone once said don't make room in your heart for someone who doesn't want to be there. I sincerely hope that 2017 is filled with new adventures for you Candice & that whatever path you choose to walk that you find yourself surrounded by interesting caring
    people. I wish you the very best.

  4. Here's hoping the New Year will bring you lots of new friends & maybe some wonderful travel. Make yourself your priority. Best wishes.

  5. We may have found ourselves another cat...A special Christmas gift. We shall see if he stays with us.

    1. Fabulous. !!!!
      A new addition to the dormouse family ❤

  6. What I learned about spending holidays alone ...
    1- there is no reason to. If no one comes to you, go somewhere ..
    2- I hold grudges ... I will always remember the one and only Christmas in my life so far, spent alone and sad.
    3- I don't forgive easily lol ... but I do something about it if I can. I won't be here next Christmas. I will be where I can be happy.


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