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Saturday, November 12, 2016

What Are You Doing For The Weekend ?

Babies and Pups

I want a dog.
I can't have a dog.
I am renting a condo and have 3 cats.
One of them the size of a small dog.

But I won't be in this condo forever.
And even if it is a wee little dog for an old lady, I will. have. a. dog !

The cats will have plenty of warning. The experiences I have had in the past with cats and dogs in one house are all good.
I think Minette would like a dog, she thinks she is one sometimes.

Meanwhile .. Cats and I need to talk about what to do for the weekend.

I have ideas about today and tomorrow but no energy at the moment, thank you cats for waking me at 6 am.
I have a feeling a plant nursery and curtain rods might be on my list today

What are you doing for the weekend ?


  1. I'm doing nothing at all today. Tomorrow, we're going to a light festival in the Netherlands. It will be cold, so cold ...
    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. A Light Festival sounds great !
    Too bad they don't have one here, it would be warm :)

  3. Saturday I baked croissants, brushed McKenzie and Aliah and held them on my lap until one or the other gets a fit because I am holding one or the other longer than they think I held them.

    A friend came in to learn how to cook spareribs in the pressure cooker (and when all was said and done she declared she liked them better than barbecued ( I love them but not as much although I confess that they are so easy to make that right there I have a reason to love them ) I sent her home with just about all of them. Broiled after cooking with a honey and Dijon mustard plus some spices and herbs they are truly a treat in Winter.

    Today is Allegra's Day which means other than having 2 croissants for breakfast I intend to cuddle with puppydom and Bill Bryson in bed in this wet, cold and grey day, I guess even Nature feels the gloom most of us feel. I should walk those 2 croissants
    off my system but like Scarlett, I will sorry about that tomorrow. Have a good Sunday and don't forget that special Moon tomorrow.

  4. I brushed my cats too !:)
    And I definitely stand by "Worry About It Tomorrow" ... things often look better Tomorrow also.


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