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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Starting Over

Starting over in a new land .. It has its Ups and Downs.
When it is with someone you share everything with or if you are on your own for the first time since you were 20 .. it can be scary, thrilling, life changing, wonderful, not so wonderful. Just like Life.

I did it on a very small scale here in Florida.
I brought my old cat Merlin and my young'un Minette but when I arrived in Florida, I inherited Honey .. my mom's cat.

So here I sit, in a condo in Florida, thinking fondly with a bit of sadness for the home that I loved and the city I loved and the life that I loved ... in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Surrounded by cats ... that I love.
It is sunny and the skies are bright and blue and there must be something going on Military-wise because Navy jets are flying over ... low and fast . I am thrilled. It is like having a private air show, just for me and the cats. Though they don't seem as impressed as I am.

It is Thursday.
I woke thinking it was Saturday.
Oh well, if you think about it, every day is Saturday for me now. Unless they are Sunday.
I rarely have appointments to keep although I did have one recently and totally completely forgot. I think I remembered the next day ...

 I was thinking of driving to St Augustine today .. I have not been there in many years and I know it won't look like it used to but the Spanish architecture and being right by the ocean makes it such a lovely place .. It is at the top of the To Do List.

                                   The Old Fort - St Augustine 

I promise a Trip Report .


  1. Yes, once we retire every day is Saturday or Sunday for us. No more pysching myself up for Monday and work. I look forward to hearing about your upcoming visit to St. Augustine.

  2. I have never been to st. augustine; I will enjoy seeing your photos.

  3. It's easy to lose track of days when you are retired, one of the perks I 'spect.
    St. Augustine looks beautiful, I spent a couple of glorious weeks in Sarasota a few years ago, and it looks like the further south you travel, the more stunning the architecture. Please treat us with your trip photos.

  4. I visited Saint Augustine one summer many years ago when we were spending a summer in Florida...I have never forgotten how wonderful it was. It is a lovely was Wakulla Springs.

  5. It is so brave what you are doing. I know you don't have a choice, but it's still brave. Mary


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