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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Another Beautiful Day

There is a change of scenery.
The sun's not shining down on me, the need for sunblock and sunglasses is lessened.
I know in the winter in New York, I dreamt of warm sunshine and not having to wear scarves, gloves, boots, socks and coats and ending up walking around like a well wrapped Zombie.
Summer in Upstate NY was short ... fabulous and not too hot and cool nights and it smelled good with all the mown grass and flowers and clean air.

Here I enjoy sitting out on the lanai, where Things cannot bite/sting/infect me and the cats lie in little warm cat comas and I listen to music and read.
I miss walking up to the farm at the top of our hill/road and talking to my friends the Highland Cattle.

The crazy wall-eyed Billy Goat who would just as soon butt me as look at me.
The sheep, all gathered in a close little group .. with a tiny lamb hidden among them .. chewing .. all day, just chewing.
And the dear Rescue Horse. A retired, scarred horse that the farmer rescued. I don't know if it was lonely being the only horse but it sure was well set, food whenever he wanted it, a massive barn and stall, company if he wanted to chat with a goat or sheep and me ... I told him all my troubles, I wept on his shoulder .. well, sort of ..

So here I am . In Florida. Where it is sunny and hot and flowering and where I get lost all the time and I still have no clue who my neighbors are and the only wildlife is the armadillo who came out of the woods and the bright green snake that came out of the grass ..

I have been thinking of the lines from a film .. Miranda Richardson, living in South Africa..
Walking out the door of her home and lighting a cigarette and saying ..
"Another F*king Beautiful Day"....

So today is cloudy and overcast and maybe not so hot and I like it.
Another Beautiful Day .


  1. Replies
    1. Lol Colette, it is good to have you with me!

  2. I agree that even beautiful weather, every day, could get a bit tedious. I guess you'll have to take your weather changes in tiny increments: one day you'll note that it's a little less sunny, the next it was 2 degrees cooler, and so on.

    1. That is exactly what I will do!
      Today there are more clouds lol

  3. Those Highland Cattle are beautiful. Florida is a huge change from Buenos Aires and New York.

  4. Everyone moans about the weather in the UK but I love it .... four proper seasons, Spring is beautiful, lovely summer's, majestic Autumn's and not too harsh winter's.... most of the time we never know what we are going to get weatherwise !!! I love wearing boots, coats and scarves !!
    .... but, I do envy your beautiful weather sometimes when it's rainy and cold here. Enjoy it Candice. XXXX

  5. LOL, tell me about it, Terra !
    The Highland Cattle were just a short walk, I could hear them from my house in Upstate NY.
    I totally loved them .. they were always there for me in those darkest days after my husband died, I was alone in a house in the country and knew no one .. you could say those cattle were my first friends.

  6. When I lived in Florida, I didn't have a chance to meet armadillo! I did meet wild turtle, very big one, though :-) I loved large sky in Florida. I hope you enjoy a beautiful day!

    1. Tamago
      The skies are breathtaking whethe it is color or amazing clouds.
      The last thing I thought about when moving here was how pretty the sky would be! :)


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