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Alan Cohen
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Monday, August 1, 2016


Everyone talks about the sun in Florida, the skies and the sea and how warm it can be.
But at this moment in time, all I can say is that the sunsets here are breathtaking, every day.
This photo was taken from my bedroom window .. I am so glad that I had just glanced over and noticed the golden glow on the curtains ...

If a person were to think about Things in a way of "messages" and love from faraway, very far away .... well, you can think what you wish ~


  1. I agree. When we were down there I grew to understand why every single night people would gather on the beach to celebrate the sunset.

  2. Marty, I used to ooh and ahh over sunsets in NY too but here they are totally different , spectacular at times.
    The light and colors .. I like it :)

  3. I love my Fort Lauderdale sunrises and sunsets. Breathtaking.


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