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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Poor Baby

When Breeders should be controlled ... how will this kitten ever be able to jump up on things, leap like a Cat ???
God bless the little thing ... The Frankenstein of Cat Breeding has run amok.


  1. Humanity has a huge capacity for messing up what nature offers, sadly, in amongst the huge capacity to make thing better. Tinkering - for better and worse.

  2. ...although I do expect that cat will live a happy and pampered life.

  3. I hope so Andrew. And yes, "tinkering" for better and worse.

  4. Why would anyone want something like that? Buy a cuddly toy if you want such a deformed animal, don't inflict your bizarre desires on some poor living being.
    So many dogs suffer from breeding to meet a mythical breed standard of perfection (think English Bulldogs, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels) and now cats also have to endure deformities in the name of someone's distorted idea of beauty. Yuk.

  5. Poor little thing. I hope that it isn't in any kind of pain from this horrible breeding. And, as Andrew suggests, I hope itbecomes a much loved & pamprered thing - but I agree. It shouldn't be alloweds.


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