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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Out Like a Light

Personally, I think she found some wine somewhere.

I know, it is very warm here, I was out for a while, she got into the wine . She can't handle it.

This is Minette. My love.
My other love , Merlin, is sleeping on the sofa, like a cat. A sober cat.

Moms cat / now my cat, Honey, is sitting on the lanai, watching the rain. She is a pensive little girl.
I think she misses Mom. She is happy here, she is as sweet as she can be .. I try to be sure she gets as much love as Mom gave her.

Obviously, someone gave Minette too much ... something.
Or she is just a little New Yorker kitten and not used to Florida Summer heat.
I guess I had better go wake her up .. or maybe not.

I might just go curl up on the sofa and snuggle with Merlin and watch bad Saturday night tv.

What are you doing this weekend ?


  1. :) Thank you ... I am so glad I got a photo of her like that ! Her tiny little teeth !!!

  2. Oh her little teeth! So adorable :)

  3. Wu .. she really is adorable.. I love her so. My little tiny lost baby that I was so lucky to find.

  4. I remember when you started your search for a new "baby" and how thrilled you were when you found her. And now you have 3 babies :)

  5. She's a precious girl !
    I think she found the catnip :)

    1. Jo
      Whatever it was I would like to know lpl

  6. She is an utter disgrace! Show her the photo to shame her into drinking more sensibly next time.

    1. Every time I show her something on the computer she yawns.


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