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Wednesday, July 6, 2016


I thought I would be the proud Mama and share photos of the babies.
My babies.
No not the one that is an editor living in NYC.
No no, not the one that is living here and runs a law office ..
MY babies ... right here right now ..

Merlin, Minette and now Honey ( my moms cat that I inherited and I love her)

My intrepid little explorers, they rode in a large dog crate in the back of a car for days, staying in hotels with mama and not really loving it but the nightly snuggle in the king sized bed wasn't terrible.
The lady that came in each day to make the bed and spent half an hour chatting, petting and kissing the cats .

Thank goodness this townhouse was waiting for me, the owner is a lovely man from South America, he didn't care if I had cats , he is so far, the ideal land lord.
I never see him or hear from him but the one time there was a broken pipe and he felt bad and took me out to dinner when it was all over.
Now that is a perfect Landlord.

So this week has been a bit nerve-wracking for me. I have suddenly acquired a fear of paperwork, bills, filling out things that give away my money and first born child .. that sort of thing.

But the good news is ... I am still waiting for it all to sink in ... it is almost finished. I just have to get Florida license plates for the car. I got lost the other day going to do it by myself. 3 hours later, I arrived home. With NY plates still on the car.

I have been watching PBS , reading, listening to music and talking to cats... and sometimes having lunch with my daughter .. all very good for my still frayed nerves and lingering sadness.
Adding to the sadness is the abhorrent online behavior of someone that I had counted as a real friend for years. I don't know, sometimes I think that the world is really full of looneys .. am I one or am I one of the not that looney yet people ?
I think really looney people have no clue that they sound and behave the way they do.
And then they wonder why they have no friends ... who can ever explain why they have no friends.

I am glad to say that when I was feeling bad about the loss of an old friend, an even older / from the 1970s friend ( from the UK) emailed. Reminded me that there was a place for me to stay at their home whenever .... it is good to hear that .. now and then. Someone wants to see you, talk to you .. offers you a place to stay to make it possible ..
I will hope I can make this trip in the fall.
I will stay in a hotel in London for at least part of the stay, the first hotel I ever stayed in on my first trip to London.
And then there is the invitation to Buenos Aires.
Hmmmmm ... London in Fall, BA in Winter (Summer there) .. choices, it is always good to have choices.


  1. Beautiful Kitties.

    It is sad about your friend becoming not-your-friend. As they say in Yorkshire "There's nowt so queer as folk". My friend has a saying that she finds useful in situations like this "People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. " But there is more to the saying than this short sentence. You might find this article helpful( - or maybe not!

    Take care of yourself

  2. Dearest Candice,
    Lovely babies that seem to be rather content!
    Ours were so very happy when we got home on Tuesday late afternoon, from our 8 nights Florida.
    All the way to and from Miami and we made a stop at the Jacksonville Costco to stock up on fresh fruits and such.
    Got a very bad cold so I was in bed and feeling miserable for two days but now it's gone. Only my nose needs to shed it's rough skin.
    Indeed, make plans and go visit those people that care about you. That is what life is all about!


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