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Monday, July 11, 2016

Buenos Aires

I am homesick. . . . for Buenos Aires.

So I am going to start posting photos .. from my days in Argentina.
Buildings that I loved or caught my eye, parks, a certain Pup in Buenos Aires .. just this and that.

That way, if I can't actually be there, I can share a look at the place and remember nice memories.

This is part of the Recoleta  Cultural Center. The Center is comprised of a  Concert space, a mall , shops, restaurants, and it is next to the Church of Our Lady of Pilar and the Recoleta Cemetery.
An incredible place ... brings to mind Pere LaChaise or Montmarte Cemeteries in Paris.

This building above was 2 blocks from our home. We would walk through it to get to another section of the neighborhood/parks instead of taking the longer walk around the Cemetery.

We loved seeing art shows here as well as music concerts.

The color of the paint, the original paint was tinted with cows blood ( or so they said) .. it is a really beautiful space with stained glass windows and it is up high so you can look farther away, over the parks, the buildings and all that blue Argentine sky ..

You should go there.


  1. I have been there. It is beautiful.

  2. How great that you have seen it in person. :)

  3. Looks stunning. Warm greetings!


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