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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

When You Run Out Of Fruit and other household tips

                      You can also use it as a Door stop and or a Paper Weight.


  1. That's a delightful photo and thought. Warm greetings!

  2. It also makes a beautiful accessory for your table :)

  3. Wu, it does, doesn't it ? like walking into a room and the art has changed on the walls.
    what will I find tomorrow morning ? So Many possibilities :)

  4. Thanks Blogoratti ! Greetings to you too ! and thank you for your comments :)

  5. Brit, isn't she a good fit ?! I have to see if I have any larger baskets for old Merlin .. and then there is Honey, the mega kitten. She is massive .. lol

  6. You will need a whole shopping cart to fit Honey!!

  7. LOL Wu ... I have this wonderful basket that looks like it would hold a lot of firewood or a baby .. I will put blanket in the basket and Honey can have her own bed ..


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