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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Buy Me a Ticket For An Airplane

Maybe not a one way ticket ... maybe not a cutting of ties ... maybe not a garage sale but I do think it is time for me to start preparing for a return to my Other Home.
The one I remember and love best.

This does not mean I am unhappy here, I really like it here. I love this townhouse and the cats are safe and happy but I need to go back to where I was so happy. I need to see how it is on my own and I need to say goodbye .. or not. We will see.

We have been under a storm watch. Tornado watch. That does nothing good for my spirits.
I dragged all the furniture in from the lanai/  patio, which is a very large screened in room with sliding glass doors to the house  ... I worried that if a big wind came along, something might break a
glass door.

I worried about getting the cats rounded up and into a crate , into a car, out of the garage, to go where ?

A hurricane warning is one thing, tornadoes scramble my brain.
And there is no basement here.

They don't have tornadoes in Buenos Aires ... or hurricanes and no blizzards or even snow storms.
The dusting of snow they did get last, was the first in about 30- 40 years and no one was snowed in or lost in the drifts.

I need to live somewhere that I am not afraid of the weather.

In a yellow building maybe ... or near one ... or ..


  1. There seems to be a special place in your heart for that yellow building !
    Memories and happier times, or just different times that you long to rejoin.
    I wish you both.....

  2. Oh yes ! Can I go with you ?
    Love you bunches,

  3. Please tell me where so I can move there (from NE Florida....still better than Ohio. And upstate NY.)!

  4. kris ... as long as there is no snow , I am pretty open but then there are the states that have a sort of opposite problem, like Arizona where you can fry if you stand outside too long.
    I think Buenos Aires is good ... not too hot, not too cold, just right.
    Brit, not really. There are so many like it , in many different colors and sizes ... it is just one of my many photos of the architecture in BA that I love.
    Isn;t it great ?!

  5. Only time will tell where you will end up...
    How about a short vacay over there...get the feel again...
    I am sure your daughter will look after the cats...
    Perhaps that will put your mind at rest...either way...

    Enjoy your week...
    Linda :o)


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