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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Snake in the Grass

I was up early with the cats today.
Because they woke me up and the light was coming in too brightly ... and because I think the plumber is coming back today to finish up the big mess he made out of my laundry room. I would like to wash some clothes. If that isn't too much trouble ..

So far it is 1:00 pm and no one has shown up to do anything.

I sat outside on the lanai with the cats and enjoyed my coffee and the warmth of the morning and the sight of all the colors .  Green forest behind me, green grass in front of me and blue skies with huge puffy white clouds skidding by. And then .. there was that green thing moving in the grass, headed towards my lanai... with the cats .. with me ! standing and watching... none of us moving, just staring at a very long pretty green snake.

It slithered around the a/c machinery then slithered right back to the woods.
Maybe the fact that I kicked the metal ( thank you god) base of the lanai screened walls .. maybe the fact that there were a few little big eyed kitties staring through the screens .. maybe the snake just said.. to hell with this, it's Saturday, not worth the bother.

I don't mind seeing snakes up close, like that. I would be bothered if I knew it was something dangerous/poisonous ... I would be bothered if it was a tarantula or just a big spider ... if it was a wolf or mad dog or mad man !
But a snake slithering through the grass, minding its own business, wasn't so horrifying.

Where is the plumber?
When can I do the laundry ?

I might just have to go to the mall and buy new clean clothes ... it won't be my fault.
I will be forced to go shopping.
Forced ... remember that ...

The harmless green snake that only eats bugs and mice, went back into the woods.
The cats kept watch, no snakes out there at this time.
The nice man that owns this condo came and fixed various electrical things around the place so now I can do laundry.
I am not often this happy about doing the laundry.
The cats overdosed on fresh air and warmth so they are now napping in cool spots in the house ..
I can now go shopping or to the garden center or just take a book out to the lanai and read and not have a care in the world ... if just for a few hours .. I have been told I have to start thinking that way again. I worry too much when there is nothing to worry about .. which makes me worry.

But I don't have to worry about doing the laundry now.


  1. Oh my, just look at him so bright green. He looks kinda like a garden hose.

  2. lol, yes, the kind of garden hose that slithers. the color is amazing.

  3. A lovely green snake with such a bright black eye - it looks pretty harmless - is it?

  4. Rosemary, I have been told they are harmless. They eat mice I think and insects ...
    It is still a shock to see a very long snake slithering through the grass :)

  5. A "Rough Green Snake" I've seen them in Sarasota, Fl.
    Earlier this week our animal control folks removed a huge Timber Rattlesnake from the parking lot of our local hospital, it's the first time one had been reported in the city of all places.
    Hope you and the cats are enjoying your weekend, and laundry all done.

  6. Brit, my little green snake was pretty and harmless to cats and humans so I won't complain .. and a rattlesnake in a parking lot just makes my skin crawl !! yes !! of all places !

  7. Whew! When I saw the title I was worried you'd had another encounter with those bad old friends. I'm relieved that this meeting was benign and even rather nice. I've never heard the term "lanai." Is it a Florida thing?

    1. LOL Shawn!
      This snake was much nicer than those snakes. And better to look at:)

    2. I feel silly calling a screened in room a lanai so I usually say the porch and everyone corrects me lol

  8. Replies
    1. A lanai is a very large room off of the living room at the back of the apt. It has a ceiling but the walls are screened, it is big , no walls just views and no mosquitoes .

  9. Dearest Candice,
    That was a beautiful, harmless snake you captured on camera!
    Happy for you that you again can do your laundry; if wanting to.
    Sending you hugs,

    1. I got the photo from the Internet ..there was no way I was stopping to take a photo lol

  10. Ah, yes. I've seen such rooms in Florida but wasn't familiar with the term. They're nice when it's not too hot.

  11. Yes, mine has a huge ceiling fan so it is lovely in the morning and afternoon/evenings. The cats love it .. you know how they like to bake in the sun.
    They turn into limp little furry things that purr.


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