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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

My Day

I woke to that sound that some of us have been unlucky enough to have heard before ... in a quiet house, not that far away , the drip drip of water ... not the faucet ... where ?

In my case, first I stepped barefooted onto soaking wet carpet .. yes, white wall to wall carpet .. outside my bedroom door. My bedroom floor is carpeted, it is fine.

I walked / squished down the hall and there it began to be deeper .. scarier ... my washing machine was overflowing ... but .. no one did any laundry .. the pipe went kablooey .. I ran downstairs and there was the water, pouring out of the ceiling, soaking the corner of the rug .. wetting a leather chair, spreading fast.

Surprise # 1 - My head did not explode.

Surprise # 2 - when I called my daughter, who else to call when you know No One !! she called the owner, he called me, he was on the way... "don't worry"...

Only a stranger would tell me Not to Worry .... I excel at worrying. I am one of the worlds best worriers, I know my strengths and worrying is one of them.
So I ran around moving everything that was possible to move, trying to save things, hoping to not lose something that has a great deal of meaning to me. ( I attach meaning to things that are related to events, places and people that are no longer here or I am no longer there )

The owner of the condo arrived, with his tool kit and first thing he did was shut off the water.
Got out the buckets, I threw every bath towel I had on puddles, lakes and wept at the sight of the soaked carpets.
The *Miracle* rug,  the  special rug that my husband and I bought in 1974 was not wet.

The furniture was pushed out of the way and saved , the worst to get it was the wall to wall carpet, in the bedrooms , halls and down the staircase.

I went out of the house with the cats, to the sunroom which was warm and sunny ... and tried to help in any way I could but he told me to go upstairs to my room :)
I took the cats and sat in my bedroom with the a/c and a little radio and sat and worried.
I do it so well.

Time  went by, people came in  a van.
Strapping strong men and a woman.
I was to take the cats, go to my room and relax and let them do their job. They promised me Everything would be Fine.

Hours later, hours ... maybe 4-5 hours ... they told me they were leaving. Would I like to come downstairs .. I was reluctant .. what was I going to see ?

There was not even a drop of water, no spot of damp, no sign that water had ever been in that house.
Not counting the very wet corner of the rug that a young man with a machine was still working on.
My dining room table, the chairs were all safe .. Cry or just Thank them ... decisions decisions.

I thanked them so much .. I might have cried for a second or two in relief.

The cats are impressed. They say everything even smells the same and Merlin is so happy to be back on his sofa. Minette said she was just glad that the stairs were dry, nothing worse to a small cat foot than a squishy wet carpeted stair.

I don't even remember what dinner was , ramen noodles or something .. I went to bed with massive fans blowing hot air all upstairs, my room was / is a cool oasis with a/c and windows and a radio, not to mention a tiny pack of napping cats.

So that was my day yesterday , how was yours ?


  1. Oh my goodness, that sounds stressful and we were pleased to hear that all of your precious belongings were protected. Amazing that they were able to dry it out so quickly, but does this mean that you have to get new carpets now?

    Julie Q

  2. With these massive warm air blowers going night and day the carpets are dry. They will shampoo them someone said.
    I just want the machinery out and to be able to settle in.

  3. Now is the time you thank your Lucky Stars you do not own! You are very fortunate the owner took care of it right away.Your belongings are safe, Your cats are safe and YOU are safe! Isn't that wonderful?

  4. Oh you poor thing! How awful! and just when you had pretty much settled in. You are lucky to have such a conscientious owner. Didn't they just repair the washing machine? I can only imagine what you went through! Here's hoping for a relaxing and uneventful week. xx

  5. There are still drying machines in every room upstairs and the halls, downstairs is good... upstairs is basically good but we are making sure.
    The cats are fine, I am bored but fine and it will be over by tomorrow.

    Yes, I have thought about it more than once, after calming myself down when getting anxious, it is not my cost , my expense, my worry .. although there are things that belong to me that I treasure , I make sure they are in safe places ( above water level lol) ...

    the owner went above and beyond the call of duty when he took me to dinner last night.
    Just a little local sandwich/salad place but my kitchen is not that comfortable and the living room is full of machines so he did a very kind thing.
    He is leaving town, I sure hope everything is working well without machines before he goes.


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