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Alan Cohen
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Sunday, May 22, 2016

My Hope

Boy, it's been rough around here lately.
I had 2 long time email friends decide to play Mean Girls and in the meanest way they could come up with, told me they were not my friends anymore. It sounds childish but it is ... adults don't behave that way, at least the ones I know. At least the ones with a bit of class.
Or manners.
But they are gone, out of my email box ( I heart that mass trash dumping thing )
click click, delete, gone .. ForEver ..

Too bad those other pesky issues in life can't be so easily deleted forever ..
You know, like the mosquitoes in the woods in Summer. That kind of thing.

Yesterday we went to the Home show in Jacksonville and I fell in love with the funky area and the fabulous Craftsman style homes.
I am better off where I am now, as far as being alone and all but I do love those homes.

It was a fun day with my daughter and I look forward to a lot more.

I have a year to live in this townhouse then I will be looking for something smaller with maybe a bit more character. Or ... in a year ... who knows what I might be up to ~

I am now mom to Minette, Merlin and my Mom's cat Honey.
No one wanted Honey.
I didn't really want her either, I think 2 ( especially my 2) are enough, and perfect.
But how could I let Honey go to a shelter ? She has only ever known my mom.

I am proud and very touched that she purrs now when I talk to her.  She knows who feeds her :)

So the sky is getting grey, the pine forest in back of my home is showing signs of a wind coming up and Sunday night tv is waiting.

Let's hope the days ahead are good ones, not rough ones, no cruel or spiteful people, no loss, no sadness. .. this is my hope for all of us.


  1. Only good days ahead for you. You have been through enough sadness the last 2 years to last a lifetime.
    Stay strong - You Can Do This - You Did Do This :) xo

  2. I hope smooth sailing is ahead for you. So glad you took Honey. It is the last thing you did for your mum. She would be content knowing her Honey child was with you being loved and cared for.

    I've just had a mean girl episode myself. Hard to clear my head of it.

  3. Razzle, I know what you mean, grown women acting like hormonal teenagers, it does boggle the mind a bit. It is a nasty way of waking up to the fact that these are people you never really want to know or have anything to do with.

  4. There are people who believe that everything and I do mean everything is about them. They lack manners, good sense, empathy,not realizing how that speaks volumes not only about them but about their upbringing
    as well. You are so much better off without people like those mentioned above.

    I think that they must be incredibly unhappy, even bitter when they see others not only survived what you and I have survived but moved on and continue to look at life as the next chapter, yet to be written.

    Pamper yourself a bit, you have been through so much this past year that now the time to heal is here and and plan when you are ready. The roses are in bloom here, and they simply take your breath away.


  5. Thank you Allegra and I agree. I think bitterness has a lot to do with this recent issue.
    I am sad about being so gullible but at least I know now and can eliminate those bad vibes from my life. No wonder these people have troubles in their lives ... how they behave is coming back to them.

  6. May you have a mean-girl-free road ahead from now on and may all your cats fit in your lap (except Honey, who reminds me of my huge old cat Satchel about whom I was always apologetic at the vet).

  7. I do love the name Satchel ! Poor Honey, she overflows my lap but that doesn't stop us :)
    Thank you Marty ... with email blocking and knowing where Not to go .. I think I am free of those awful people.


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