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Thursday, March 10, 2016

A Foreign Movie

While some "city people " would love to look out the window and see sky and trees and green, our view from our living room was enchanting. Fabulous old buildings that made us think of Paris every time we looked out there ... nice big trees planted all the way down the streets .. one outside our window was home to doves and nests with babies keeping things less cold and barren and hard looking.

The doves also took over my kitchen window box, killing my new plants, the plants out on the balconies all bit the dust after the nests and babies came along .. But it was worth it to me, the nest building, the mama sitting on tiny eggs, the wobbly bald little babies then they fluffy cute babies then they were little doves and flew away.
Tate (the pup) was enchanted, he would watch them for hours.. whining a little, Mama... mamaaaa.. I want a bird ..

At night in Summer, they would throw open the windows, we could see a huge chandelier and sometimes they would have parties and we could hear ( hardly hear ) music.

So many times, living in Buenos Aires, it felt like we were living in a great foreign movie.

I really really want to be in that movie again !

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