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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

I Will Be Strong

Everything happened at once !
The lawyers called, the buyer wants to move up the date .. first it was about 10 days now it is 3-4 days earlier.

The lawyer ( God bless this man I love him) told me I don't have to be there. I can pack and move and leave or be home still packing and leaving .. but I don't have to be there.
I feel OK about everything right now, but when it actually happens, it might be too sad for me.

I wonder if I could bring Merlin. He could be my Therapy cat , keeping me from weeping all over people when it all becomes Just Too Much. not really, I will be strong.

Funny how I relied on certain "friends" for comfort and just a shoulder to cry on in those early days and now none of them are around.
One is making her own new life and has no time for old friends and the others just dropped me.
I guess when you are not a barrel of laughs all the time, no one likes you much.
And of course some people consider the proper amount of showing false sympathy was all that would be expected of them.

So I am off soon, another adventure, this time alone ( if you don't count cats) and I plan on doing it all alone and well.
Happy days will be ahead .. and while I feel that I am going to be traveling lighter in the sense of less friends than before ... I remind myself that they were obviously not friends to begin with. So no loss.

The cats need to learn to use the tape dispenser .. or just sit on the box til I get it closed !!

Chau  for now ~ Florida here I come.


  1. Happy days will definitely be coming. I wish you a safe trip!

  2. Wow, that will concentrate the mind on packing! Still it is probably for the best, and happy days are that much closer.
    Good luck with those boxes, make sure you don't tape Minette inside :)

  3. I hope the final details are not too overwhelming for you. Safe journey & keep looking forward, maybe a trip to Buenos Aires will be in your future plans.


  4. Thank you Tamago !
    Heti, I already had to pull Minette out of a box. Merlin watched. He is a lousy Look out.
    Barbara, the things that overwhelm me are the small things that catch me unawares. Today worried me but I did have plenty of copies of everything I needed to give to them. My attorney telling me I don't have to be there was lovely .. relief ! It will just be so sad if I am sitting here and I want it to be happy for the buyer.
    I had my turn, let her love it here now.
    The thought of that trip to BA is what I hold close when things get me down.
    Lately, not being disappointed in people letting me down has been an issue. This will be the end of all that .. good by house- hello new life, location and real friends. :)


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