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Wednesday, February 17, 2016


My nice neat rooms with pretty things in them , pretty things on the walls, pretty things on the floors .. have become square spaces that accommodate large boxes.

The walls have become bare .

The floors still have rugs down because I cannot roll a large rug up, the movers get to do that.
They will move the furniture and carry out the many boxes that I will fill.

There is so much to do and now very little time to do it.

The cats know Something is Up.
They both ... BOTH ... left me a present in the bathroom Right. In. Front.  Of the Litter Box!!
I am not speaking to them.
They will not meet my eyes .
They won't even look at each other.
Guilt on a cat is not pretty.

My sweet daughter showed me apartments last night online. We were both house hunting together .. it was So Much Fun !
Especially since she knows where these places are and I will waste too much time online falling in love with a condo that is in the worst possible location.
So she is a big help. Plus she is encouraging.
Some people have Nothing to say or Nothing to say that is not Negative.
So I am sort of happy that the only person I am hearing from is my sweet girl.

The cats slept all night on the bed. I knew this when I woke this morning and could not move.
My legs had fallen asleep and my back warned me not to make any sudden moves .. I listened.. I did not move at all. I lay there and thought about what to do and how to do it... moving.
Something I have done so many times, to so many places .. some very far away .. but this is like I am doing it for the First time.
It is not half as fun as it used to be.

So I have to call and tell them to bring me more Boxes.
I have to go to the Dollar store ( thank you bargain gods for inventing this thing) and I already need more tape.

So if it is quiet here on the blog, you can send me a note, I will answer it .. I might just not be able to blog .. or it will be my only outlet for the craziness that will come over me once I get into it.

be prepared ...


  1. Oh those naughty kitties.

    Hope you find the right place in Florida. How nice that your daughter is in the area and can guide you.

  2. Yes, I am lucky she is there .. I am going to look at St Augustine too :)

  3. Happy packing.....
    Glad your daughter is helping...
    Drop by....I am in Florida!
    Linda :o)

  4. Packing is never fun. I have done it too many times.
    But just think You are going to Florida !

    Take care, cheers, parsnip

  5. I'm so glad to hear you are getting assistance in finding a place - and by your lovely daughter!
    Good luck dear Candice - and tell those naughty kitties to behave and help with the packing!
    Mary X

  6. P.S. Last couple of times I've left comments they would not post - don't know whether you had your comments turned off perhaps!

  7. You sound as if you are now well under way and organised - the first steps that you have now taken are the most difficult. Hope that you find an apartment that you love.

  8. Packing is hard indeed! I hope your kitties don't get too stressed.


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