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There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

In The Country

A drive through the country .. over hills and past farms, llamas, sheep and dairy cows .. horses .. beautiful horses. . sheep , lots of sheep  .. wooly , white, round , some with lambs by their sides, all grazing in a field .. a large expanse of green with dots of white here and there .
Close to home, Highland Cattle with magnificent sets of horns .. you can stand feet away from them and if one turns his head, you can get hit by a horn ... wicked horns with very pointed tips .. watch out for them. But if you bring something tasty, they will take it out of your outstretched hand , gently and carefully .. the nose of a Highland Cow is soft as soft can be.

The Horse ... stands there and watches, will mosey over for an apple or a carrot , his scars standing out in the sunlight .. he was rescued by the farmer .. he is scarred and skittish and seems to be quite content being the only horse in a field full of cows and sheep .

Some days I get impatient with the farmer, there is too much mud, the animals are knee deep in wet mud .. then I see the hay scattered around and I am glad he did something about it .. I will miss the farm.
That horse let me cry on his shoulder on a daily basis when my husband died.
When I could not bear to be around people, I would walk up to the farm and weep on the horse, he is very sympathetic. The sheep ignored me, which was fine .. the cows kept their distance but looked sympathetic ..
Not far from us is a Llama farm .. they are cool ..

I will miss them all.
A very tall pine tree, broke in half and fell. Just past my bedroom .. I did not hear a thump, a snap or a crackle ! But what a surprise to look out the window and see it lying in the yard ..  it is still lying there, I have not had the energy to find someone to remove it.
I drive to the store. I drive home. No one calls. No one visits.
This has been my life for a while now.
I have grown used to it. I wonder how long it will take me to adjust to being somewhere different, somewhere busy or noisy or too many people talking to me ..
Perhaps the cats and I should consider all of this when choosing the next home.
The location and the home itself.

These things are so much easier when done with someone.
Someone who cares.

I have to stop writing now. I can't take the pain.
Minette wanted to be close to me. So she jumped up on the chair and I am sitting on the very edge.
My legs and back are protesting too much.

I cannot even think about that drive ... alone .. with 2 cats in a big crate.
I will think about it tomorrow. Maybe I will have a new idea.
Maybe the cats will have an idea .. one that doesn't concern stinky cat food.

Maybe the sheep will have an idea ..... you never know.


  1. Love those sceneries. Looks beautiful and so peaceful.
    I think animals can feel how you feel. I see my feeling reflects on my kitties a lot and vice versa.

  2. It doesn't end, does it ? I know you probably don't want to hear it, because you don't feel it, but I find you very brave. For continuing to write, and share with your readers, for continuing to get up every day, and live your life. And dealing with a house sale, and a move, and a new home...all things I've done often, but never alone. I'm wishing you much peace and friendship wherever you end up. If it's in Florida, maybe we can plan a coffee...

  3. Vivian, thank you, I do not feel brave at all .. .. yes, we will stay in touch ..

    Tamago, my cats have been snuggling but I don't see more than usual. Although right now I am sitting on the very edge of the chair because Minette had to sit with me ..

    And hugs to you heti :)

    Marriette, thank goodness for our little cats / or dogs ..

  4. It is hard, and we hope the move goes well. I know it sounds like a cliche, but maybe you could join a club or volunteer somewhere to meet some new people, make a friend?



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