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Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Inspection

The House Inspection was today.
Boy .. if only everything in this deal goes so well. Smoothly with nice people laughing and chatting and getting a job done with the least amount of stress or anxiety.
And whatever happens, the septic tank is empty. Drained. Enough about that ....

Apparently I clench my jaw when I sleep.
Today I have a tooth/jaw ache.
I bought clove oil .. we will see if that works.

The cats were angels all day.
Merlin napped.
Minette napped and looked out the window.
Sweet babies.

It looks like snow.
Dark already it is just 4 pm.
I found some clean , in perfect condition boxes from our move here .. I am going to pack books.
Good idea, huh ?
Yes, the things that you don't need out and that you don't want keep thinking that you should be packing, not sitting around ..
I also have to find a mover .. OY !!

so that is Inspection Day .. painless .. so far ... and actually quite pleasant.

Now to discuss dinner with the kitties.


  1. So sorry about the munchkin - he's so young to have to deal with that. About 40 years ago my son bounced off the bed and sliced his ear in half (wow, so much blood) on the nightstand. I was just leaving for Boston to see the IceCapades with friends - I'd been longing to go and saved up for a ticket - so hubby took him to the hospital and told me to get going - so I did! Gosh I sound like a bad mother, lol!

    Can't begin to tell you how happy the inspection news made me - I was a bit nervous perhaps from watching too much HGTV back in the day, but now I'm feeling you will soon be on your way dear.

    Be careful of your back lifting boxes of books - they become very heavy, very quickly!

    Mary x

  2. Hi Candice...
    Another thing to check off your list...excellent!
    Oh dear...hugs to your wee munchkin..♥️
    Snowing here too...
    enjoy your evening...
    Linda :o)

  3. Poor little grandson, do hope he is not in too much pain - his parents will be feeling so bad about it too. I remember that my eldest son partially slipped off our bed banged his mouth on the side table and knocked his brand new tooth out. He spent the next few years with a gap until the second tooth grew.
    Good news and progress on the house front.

  4. Mariette ... you will be interested in knowing that those insane people that you gave my phone number to, made contact. Thank you so very very much. lol

    Linda, that damned list just grows and grows :)
    It is just cold here right now ..

    Rosemary .. knowing the parents and the way young first time parents are- they will remember this much longer than the baby will.
    Ouch ! your poor little boy ..
    My daughter and my son were banged up now and then but never too much. My brother on the other hand, did insane things and lived to tell about it .. like falling off of a house roof !!!! I just fell of horses .. ho hum :)

  5. You must be feeling so good Candice, now that the move is progressing. Lovely to start planning.
    Hope your grandson isn't too poorly ..... they are very resiliant though and bones repair so much quicker when you are young, don't they ? I'm sure that he will be back to running aroundl very soon. XXXX

  6. Oh your poor wee grandson! I hope he heals quick and feels better in no time! Oh packing books - I remember doing that....what a lot of books one collects over the years! :) I have a large bag of books ready to be dropped at our local fire station - they will be having a book sale for our children's hospital in February! I wish you a good, peace-filled day!

  7. mrsduncanmahogany .. last big move we made, in the US, I donated my books to a Rehab Hospital. If anyone wants to give books to a good place ..


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