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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

I Worry

I worry ..
I worry about the cats. 
Managing with them in a hotel room. 
Managing to find my way from Here to There.
I got the sketchiest of directions from someone who has done it.
There will be no one in the car to read the map to me.
There will be no one in the car if I get lost .. alone .. with 2 cats .. who cannot read maps .. Amazing but true, they can't tell the top  of a map from the bottom. cats.
Can't live with'em, can't live without em !

I have to find a mover. For some reason, up here, it is hard.
The best ones were in Brooklyn .. but they charge too much .. first they would have to drive to Albany then start to load the trucks. too much.
You would think living so close to the Capital city of New York !!!! there would be a big moving company close by ... but nooooo .. there are people who use the name of a big company but they aren't quite the same.

I will have to call the biggest moving company there is ... Mayflower ? United Van Lines ... who else is there ? 
My mind, she quit working.

You know the movers will cost as much as this house sold for.

Then I will drive to Florida with 2 cats.
Stay in a hotel that is pet friendly.
Househunt .
While living in a hotel. with cats.
Worrying about the cats. 

It is all enough to make me sell everything and go back to Buenos Aires.
Hmmmmm .... who thought of that ??? hmmmm .... let me think ......


  1. I can understand you worry about your kitties. I hope they'll manage moving, driving, changes, etc well. I'm sure they will enjoy warm weather in Florida :-)

  2. I understand your worrying about everything. Deep breaths help and remember you can do this!

  3. Do you have a smartphone? If so you can use that to navigate for you. You can download Here, then download the maps for the states you will pass through. Tell it where you want to go and let it tell you how to get there. Google maps also work - but their maps are much bigger than Here maps for some reason.

    I really wish I could get on a plane and help you!

    I drove from the middle of the UK to the middle of the Netherlands on my own with three young boys, pre GPS navigation. Only me to read the map, cope with the all night ferry with them, and tow a trailer, which I'd never done before! I survived, just, but I completely understand your nervousness.

  4. I have been telling the cats how much fun we are going to have. They yawn.

    CLM- I worry when there is nothing to worry about. This has all my worry abilities on high alert.
    Some very nice very helpful people are helping .. they are easing the worries.
    So now I can worry about the small things ..

    I am getting a new iPhone .. my old one gave up when we came back from Argentina.

    heti .. that would be fine .. I will pick you up at the airport :)
    I sometimes think if I had anyone with me, any one .. it might be easier. but totally alone with the cats seems harder .. scarier.

    Thank you for advice and concern and just saying hello. I love it .. the best thing about moving is that I will not be so isolated anymore .. If I don't go out and to town or a store, I don't see people .. for days ..

  5. You can also download Wazer on your smartphone, although that's more useful in towns (vs. highway driving). And you'll need to be able to plug your phone into your car while you're driving, as Wazer uses up a lot of data quickly.

    But what about going "old school" and using AAA? If you're a member, you can get plenty of maps of all kinds, and you can review your route(s) ahead of time. Plus, you'll get less-expensive roadside assistance in case of any problems.

    You can do this.

  6. Perhaps, just by mistake, you keep driving and arrive to Argentina!

  7. Buy a Garmin Nav unit. You'll have voice guided nav and hotel search all the way to your destination.

  8. How long do you plan to drive each day? My big worry would be fatique. I drive about 40 mins. and I start yawning. I calculate it would take me about a month to get to florida from NY. ..gosh..maybe longer!
    Best of luck on your journey. You will make it!

  9. get Google maps app for your phone. Put it on your dash. She will tell you where to go and you dont need a map. Easy Peasy. Look under apps on your phone. Click on it. There done! :)

  10. If you would like I'd be happy to drive with you.

  11. Anony, I figure after breakfast til evening .. will stop before it is dark. eat, rest, play with confused cats , sleep .. coffee in the am .. drive drive drive .. aaaggghhhhh

  12. beyond beige .. I speed. :)

    I have to call the nephew, where is my iPhone ??????

    Anony, it is a brand new Subaru- it might have something and I don't even know it ~ I will check.

    Sandra ... I am working my way South ... slowly but I will be there eventually .. really. besitos.

    I like "Old School" ... I am old and I went to school .. it should work.

    Jean, I think we still belong to AAA .. I will check tomorrow. or is that AA ? lol .... bad joke.....

    love you guys

  13. We all worry.
    Get a map on your computer, or that GPS thing ? and figure it out then download it to your phone.
    Just drive from one La Quinita to another. It will be fine.

    cheers, parsnip

  14. parsnip, that is pretty much exactly what I will do :)

  15. I just discovered your blog and enjoy your writing very much.

    When I have something daunting to do, I remind myself that "stupid people do this all the time."

    Your readers will be traveling with you.

    mary in maryland

  16. LOL mary !!! Thank you .. I will remind myself that ... often I am sure .. I might be one of those stupid people :)

  17. Any chance of using Amtrak would have to drive to a point where you could on train ,you and pets in a pullman compartment.

  18. No Gloria, I looked into it and it would be more trouble/expense than it is worth.

  19. Google Maps on the cell...
    I don't know how I lived without it.
    My g'kids call it "that lady"


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