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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Poor Minette

She just can't understand what happened !
There she was , the little bitty Queen Bee and then along came this rather large, very hairy Cat.
He doesn't say much at all, he sleeps most of the time , he is slow and not that much fun.
One day they did have a little chat, both taking advantage of the warm sunshine coming in the window on them .. but today ...

I have the cat crate ( it is a dog crate/quite large) in the corner of the den, between the wall ( heat) and the sofa.
I put a folded blanket on top so 1- it stays warmer inside 2- there is a spot for someone who likes to sleep on top of things ( Minette has decided that the top of the fridge ( a built into the wall  fridge) is a warm spot for naps )
So now , to get it out of my way, I put a little "cocoon" on top of that .. it is made of baby soft fleece.
Everyone ignored it.

Yesterday I came through the room and there was Minette, sound asleep, on top of the crate on the cocoon.
That has been her warm nap spot since then.

I went out today and did errands. Came home wishing we had gotten a house with a fireplace .. it is grey and dreary and bone chilling cold out .. snow ? hope not.

No one came to greet me as usual ... where were they ??
Minette was not in the pantry where she naps sometimes, Merlin is hard of hearing so he might have no idea Mama is home ..

I walked into the den and there was Minette, asleep in "her" cocoon on top of the crate.

I got them some snacks, we talked while I put away the groceries then they left and I found a snack.
Where did they go ?
Minette was looking out the living room window. I asked if it was going to snow ... she shrugged.
Where was Merlin ??
He is on top of the crate, sound asleep in Minettes ( possession is 9/10ths of the law) fleece bed.
Snoring away .. the dear dear old sweetheart.
Using his tail like a boa, wrapped around his neck.

Minette is beside herself.
THAT CAT is in her bed.
THAT BED is her nap bed. HOW DARE HE ????

She stomped ( if a 6 lb cat with tiny feet can even stomp) into the kitchen and howled.
I gave her some wet cat food, the stinky kind .. she stopped howling.
Poor Minette, being a big sister of an old cat is difficult ..

Update :
Tonight, Merlin is sleeping on top of the crate which is covered with a blanket and a towel .. he is in his pillow bed. A little girl cat appeared and curled herself up right next to him and went to sleep ..
It is too sweet to even try to describe.


  1. Yeah :) they are pretty sweet ..I am crazy about them.

  2. That is great, that they both get along. I have two cats that spend as little time together as possible. Our cat did not like it when my daughter's cat arrived. That was 7 years ago!!!. I love how you adopted Merlin, he must be so happy being with you. Minette is gorgeous. Best of luck with your move.

  3. Sharon, I think the key to their relationship is that he is so old and she is such a baby still. She is a little fighter but she will run to mama if something scares her. He is just either "been there done that " or doesn't even notice lol .. he is calm and slow and quiet and like a big hairy Valium, hold him a minute and listen to him purr and your blood pressure will drop .
    They are both my treasures. We are all lucky.

  4. I suspect Minette is just waiting for the old guy to move so she can grab his warmed up space.



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