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Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Merlin has settled in to his new life here ... he seems to have adjusted quite easily.
Minette might be having a harder time with it. She likes him and they often are found sleeping next to each other , at afternoon nap times but she still gets all huffy and stomps out of the room if I am seen holding him and talking love talk to him.
If I try to hold her after I have been holding him, she will struggle to get away and will leave the room.
She has a lot of attitude, my little Minette.
Merlin ... no attitude at all.
He is old and sweet and dear. 
He has bad eyesight, he might be a bit hard of hearing and he is missing a few teeth.
But he is no longer all boney and frail feeling and he has been seen playing like a kitten with a new toy someone bought just for him.
He enjoys nothing more than a good pillow and some sunshine for his naps.
And at night, he is there on my bed, waiting for me to settle down so he can get his beauty rest.
He never meows. He never hisses or acts unpleasant in any way.
He does purr .. very loudly. Very sweetly.
It was a Good Day when we found Merlin.


  1. Merlin is a handsome old fella... makes me wish I'd never developed this cat allergy!

  2. Mariette , he was there waiting for me as I was waiting for him. And Minette but in a different way :)

  3. Both your cats are so lucky to have someone that loves them so much!

  4. We have 4 cats - they mostly get on, but Millie took against the newest arrival, Bib, for some reason. She will hiss, and chase and menace Bib at most opportunities. All the others generally get on, but not Millie & Bib...I wonder why. Your Merlin is a beautiful boy.

  5. Thank you Dormouse :)
    He is still quite beautiful in his old age, with a few teeth missing : )
    He is just so very sweet .. he is quiet and good natured and just happy to be warm and fed and loved.
    Well. aren't we all ? :)

  6. anony, we are all lucky :) I had all that love to give and they needed some love. win win !!

    Marriette, thank you for making me cry :) and I agree with you completely ..

  7. You are a good soul. They are both perfect.


  8. Thank you Phil :) I agree, they are .

  9. Lovely account of Merlin and Minette. And Meriette's group is so touching as well. They are lucky to have us in today's world - but we are even luckier to have them.

    Minette makes me smile. What a diva! And as long as she doesn't do more than hiss and spit, then what's the harm? Merlin seems to have her number, and he has what makes him happy too. :-)

  10. This morning finds Merlin sleeping by the living room window where the sun will warm him and Minette in my bedroom window .. keeping an eye on the birds and chipmunks .. and me. :)
    What we would do without our sweet guardians ?

  11. Rafes Hotel ... and yes, Minette is a major diva .. who would have thought it .. she is so sweet looking and so tiny ..


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