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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Compass & Rose (UK)

Compass and Rose are Interior Designers in England.

This is their work, this is what I want.  We will work out the small details later .. like when I find a new home, when they want to work in the US or I find my new home in the UK ... small details.


  1. Simple lines, cozy and inviting.
    You could conjure up some lovely scones in that kitchen.....or cinnamon rolls :)
    Enjoy your snow days.

  2. Wow! I would love that too! How beautiful.

  3. Looks very beautiful and comfortable. I'm just in love with kitchens where design makes it comfortable for work and rest.

  4. Gorgeous!! Love those shelves!! The brick wall adds some lovely charm I think too!

  5. It looks very nice but in REAL life it would be a mess for me. Those shelves would no longer look artsy but would be full of clutter!! LOL!! Love that you find these great rooms!!

  6. And I make good scones too !

    Mary, if the kitchen looks that good, the rest of the house must be great too.

    I agree, making the kitchen a comfortable room to be in aside from being able to cook is great.

    I have a fondness for exposed brick walls.

    Over the years, I have gotten much more aware of being tidy and I like to keep clutter to a minimum, so the shelves etc would be a treat for me, I have things to put on them that I like to look at plus books plus plus :)


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