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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Ahhhhh That Sound Again

Nothing like the sound of a Snow Plow going by.
In a totally white and silent world .. you hear the slam of the plow hitting the street, scraping along .. but it is snowing hard and fast, the road is white behind the plow as it goes by.
The trees are covered, the lawns and driveways ..

It was nice when I went to the Supermarket, there was a warning that It Might Snow.
When I got home, flurries were swirling around.
I put away the groceries, got my book .. snuggled the cats and had a couple of those tiny cinnamon rolls I am addicted to.
Hearing it might snow- I bought 2 packages of cinnamon rolls.
If you have to be snowed in, at least have something you like to nibble on. Those and soups and Constant Comment Tea.

The cats were glad to see me .. then went back to sleep.
I did this and that and forgot to look out the window .. until I heard that plow hit the pavement.

Minette is howling. No idea what that is about . Better go ask her.


  1. How rapidly the weather can change - we were told to expect snow at the beginning of the week, but so far the weathermen have been proved wrong.
    Keep warm, and enjoy your cinnamon rolls, they sound very moorish.

  2. Yes, small pop in your mouth with a cup of tea sort of treats :) The house is warm and toasty and I have two sleeping cats .. it is hard to stay awake !

  3. Take care in all of that snow Candice ..... stay in and keep warm. We've been promised snow later in the week but, I doubt it !!!! XXXX

  4. You said cinnamon rolls! I'm addicted to cinnamon rolls, too! I used to not like them, but now...I don't know how my taste changed :-)
    No snow here but cold. Stay warm and have a great day xoxo

  5. it is easy to become addicted to them, especially when they are so small .. I still like those from my childhood, that you bake in the oven and drizzle the sugar on top .. I am a sugar addict . More snow here this am.

  6. I love the sound of silence when the snow is coming down that fast. Or watching it in the street lights. Nothing better than cinnamon rolls for ANY occasion. Snow or otherwise! :)

  7. mrsduncanmahoney, me too :) we are kindred spirits .. nothing better than cinnamon rolls :)


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