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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Friday Foto

Some sweet person mentioned that they liked my Friday photographs.
I don't know or remember why I stopped but I definitely have enough photos to share for a long time to come.
We will stick to the Buenos Aires photos for now .. I hope you like them.

this is the Decorative Artes Museum in Buenos Aires. My husband and I went there often.. there is a lovely Como en Casa cafe on the property.

This was actually someones house ... it is breathtaking inside.


  1. I love your photos from Buenos Aires! Such a beautiful city.
    The museum looks gorgeous. It's amazing this was someone's house...!!

  2. You are a talented photographer! You have made me want to travel to BA with all those wonderful photos!

  3. Thank you SO much ttt !
    You could not have said anything more appreciated :)
    My husband gave me my first "real" camera and helped me with photography ( he was a pro photographer in one of his lives.. his work is on music album covers and an old issue of Life Magazine)

  4. Tamago ... across the street are miles of parks .. in the days when this was a family home, across the street was a forest .. it is amazing :)


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