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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A Story

As Winter came sliding in on wet icy feet today, I scurried home from the store with food, in case I am stuck in with 2 cats who enjoy sleeping and eating and meowing.
At least they won't be hungry.
At least I won't be hungry ... sick of the sound of meowing but not hungry.
Actually, I have found that if I pick up someone who meows   and tell them all kinds of fabulous stories, about beautiful kitties who were famous in Hollywood and about those who lived in Castles in Europe .. they get quiet and listen.
Then they fall asleep.
Then I fall asleep.

Todays story is about the girl who lived an Enchanted Life.
She was very young when she went to a far away land and explored and lived and had friends and loved where she was.
Then one day she was offered a trip .. just a visit .. to another land .. full of people and buildings and noise. 
She was not so sure she was interested.
But she went.

There she walked and listened and ate the food and enjoyed the sounds and the sights and the people .

Then one day, she walked into a building . 
She met a man. 
He was different. Definitely nice to look at. Absolutely nice to listen to. 
He was charming, quiet and gentle and had a great big dimple in one cheek.
The sort that makes a person want to say things  to make him smile, to make that dimple appear .. 

For some reason only known to Fate .. the sophisticated, man who had lived all over the world and known fabulous people, was enchanted with the girl .. who was young and had not been all over the world yet. But she  had a life ahead of her and she was open to everything .. eager to live that life .

A month or so passed .. she traveled ... he stayed behind .. he missed her ... she missed him.
One day he said ... come back .. I will be waiting at the airport.

And there he was .. Waiting for her. As she had been waiting for him. 

They lived an enchanted life. 
In charming homes  .. with dogs that were sweet, cats that were sweet and 2 children who were treasures.
Time went quickly for them. 
Time flies when you are in love and having fun.

The children grew up.
They made their own homes. Their own families.
And the man and the girl traveled and explored and laughed and loved for years .. 

And then one day he left. 
He would have stayed. 
If she could have willed him to stay he would have .
But fate had other plans. 
He was gone. She was left alone.  
With memories to warm her heart for the rest of her life but with a sadness that never left . 


  1. Hmmm, I love this story which I think may not be fiction. I know stories sometimes have sad endings and I'm sorry when this happens, however I think that lovely girl is strong and will eventually find a new and happy life again with her beautiful memories always close in her heart.
    Wishing you all things good dear Candice - be cautious on the ice.
    Hugs - Mary

    1. :) The sun is shining so far .. let's hope it keeps on shining . I am not in the mood to be snow/ice bound yet.

  2. A wonderful love story, Candice...thanks for sharing your memories. I know the holidays must be particularly hard, I have a couple of widowed girlfriends, so I've seen them go through this. Not much I can say, except that I'm thinking of you, and hope you have some joy for Christmas.

  3. Thank you vivian .. my joy will arrive on Christmas day, all 17 months of him :)
    This is not my first Christmas without my husband so I hope they get less painful as time goes by.

    1. Personally I think my mother in law had the right idea when she went to Israel to visit friends and her brother. Getting away from everything familiar that brings back sad memories is a good thing. That is why I want to go back to BA but it might be too sad there too ! I will have to go to find out though :)

  4. Meow meow meow....Now tell me a story in the future of how the nice girl finds joy and peace and true happiness for the rest of her life (you can make up anything you want in the future). Then if we get sleepy, we can dream about the happy ending and hope dreams come true?

  5. Such a precious story. Thank you for sharing. So glad your bundle of joy is coming for Christmas.


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