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Thursday, December 17, 2015

A Rainy Day / Cat Day

The cats actually let me sleep a tiny bit later this am. It is a miracle !!

It is dark and raining and a day that one could possibly sleep until noon.
But I was grateful for that extra half hour .

I found a flea on Minette yesterday .. she wears a flea collar all the time. So does Merlin.
New flea collars.
So I put some awful stuff from the pet shop that kills fleas on her spots that hopefully she cannot reach when washing and hoped for the best.
This morning I noticed Merlin scratching.
He had a flea on his white soft belly.
I had to put some of that hideous poison on him too. (to clarify-this is the Frontline drops that go into their system and keep away fleas)
We will all keel over dead but the fleas will live on ..

So today I will talk to the lady at AnimalKind in Hudson NY and ask for advice.
They must have tricks of the trade to share .. that is where I got Minette.
They are sort of like Cat Saints. I love them .

I have to talk to a realtor and figure out how to get things going again.
I won't talk about it here , it is boring and I sometimes get questions that are not  that polite ..
(I just want to vent :)

So I will leave you here for the day with something to coo over and smile , I hope.
Have a Happy Day !


angryparsnip said...

You have to ask about frontline.
A dab on the back of the neck and that is it. When the fleas bite a dog or cat with this they die.
I lived in California flea central and after using this within a month or two no more fleas. It was heaven. What you are seeing is the flea eggs hatching.
If they had frontline in there system the fleas will all die off.
Ask your cat lady but for The Square ones and me it was relief.

As for your home.... email me I will get back to you and you can talk to me if you don't want to blog it.
cheers, parsnip

Tamago said...

Those are such sweet photos!
I'm sorry Minette and Merlin got fleas. I used to use those topical thing, but it gave Goro a bald spot so we discontinued. (Now I use diatomaceous earth.) I hope you'll get a good advice at AnimalKind.

NotesFromAbroad said...

I have always used Frontline on all my pets. I used it on these 2 also.
I will go find that stuff for the house, thanks !

NotesFromAbroad said...

Yes, after reading about brain damage etc using the topical things, I hate using it but have no choice at this time. I am going to look for the "earth" though .. today.

Jacquelineand.... said...

If they'll stand being combed, then grab a fine-toothed comb and a container of warm water to which two drops of tea tree oil has been added. Comb away!

NotesFromAbroad said...

Tomorrow I will get tea tree oil ... thank you ! They both love to be combed. Merlin is a Persian so he is used to it :)

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