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Friday, November 20, 2015

Where ? Why ?

I woke too early again, thank you Merlin , thank you Minette.
I started thinking there might be house hunters coming ... I should clean house !
Then I realized there was nothing to eat.
I should grocery shop !
When I pulled into the driveway , I thought the car really needed washing.
I parked and went into the house.

No one called but a neighbor who is a realtor stopped and chatted .. hopefully word will get out, the sign is there .. the house is clean, the cats promised to behave ..

I will not take them out of the house and I will not leave the house with them alone in it with house hunters so we will all sit out in the sun room and pretend we are not there.

If someone wants my house- the 2 cats and I sitting in a room will not change that.. if it does, they don't really want the house .

I remember this realtor taking us to look at houses when we first arrived here , one house was empty .. all except for the little dead mouse in the window.. on the landing of the stairs ... I have no more memories of that house .

We looked at a house that was at least 100 years old,   low ceilings, creaky narrow staircases , yes, one staircase in the front, going to the bedrooms upstairs .. one in the kitchen  .. I don't remember where that one went .. probably down ..

It would have been a money pit but it sure was full of character.

Now I am not thinking of houses up here, I want some, I see them and think they are what I always wanted ... but all the rest of what goes with them makes me say no thank you.

I will pack up my cats and drive South.
I had thought there would be company on that drive but no , there was an offer but it was rescinded.
So we will take a drive .. in the car ... 2 cats and I ... for 3 days .
We will see who is the most insane when we arrive.
It is sort of weird , I kind of have the freedom to choose wherever I want to live .. what state, what country !
I am still yearning to go back to BA and that will be considered.

So ... where would you move to if you could ? what state? country? why ?

Not if you had a million dollars or anything .. within reason .. of course, if I had millions of dollars, I might buy a cottage in the Cotswolds .. or an apartment in Argentina ... but for now... just within reason, where would you rather live ? and why ?


  1. Yes....a cottage in Beatrix Potter countryside...perfect.

  2. Southern California for the weather and the ocean.

  3. Son wants me to move to New Zealand, sounds so nice.
    Then there is, Osaka, Hawaii, Vancouver, or several places in England.
    I would love to live in Souther California I knew 30 years ago I lived right by the ocean but now it is a huge mess. The dream is gone.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Paris because she makes my heart sing.

  5. I have often thought about this. La Palma, in the Canaries, for the weather and the sea, but it is a small island and I would go stir crazy.
    We have been to a few small towns in the US that felt good, we really liked Nevada City in Ca for instance, but they are too far from from family, even if we could settle there.
    Back to England would be good in some ways, but again family is here, and we are strangers there now.
    Maybe a nice apartment here, and a house in La Palma to retreat to for the winter would be the ideal.
    The way things are going right now though, if we ever sell this money pit, I shall be grateful for any roof over my head.

  6. heti ... that is the way I am thinking now- just sell the money pit. Anything after that will be better.
    Last year I had a man offer to send his landscapers to take care of the leaves on my property and get the place ready for winter.
    He refused to accept payment.
    This guy offered, and silly me, I never expected it to be over the top expensive .. and he asked for 300 .. for a couple of men with leaf blowers .. they didn't mow or cut or anything else.
    How do you say Taken Advantage Of ?

  7. I've downsized to a seniors apartment for 1 1/2 yrs (my husband the senior qualified) then moved into a regular large studio because the bldg manager in the seniors was so condescending and treated everyone like we were living in a daycare center. It was too bad cause the location was ideal for walking or transit (carbon footprint and all) and this place is not walking distance anywhere... And I'm getting fat and out if shape.
    But I digress.... My friend has been living in a suburb in Vancouver (where it hardly ever snows. She lives in a suped up 5th wheel in a campground across the street from transit. The boat is moored walking distance on the river. The campground has a neighborhood pub and mix of seniors and homeless campers that can't find affordable alternatives (housing isvery $$$ in Vancouver) ....anyway I've been obsessed with doing the same. Maybe dropping a large camper trailer or 5th wheel in her neighborhood till May... I could downsize one more time.... To get away from the cold . When you downsize.... A little bit each time. And unload all your stuff on your kids. You realise the stuff you have left is expendable too. And you ask yourself Hmmm "do I even need to bring the table and chairs back cause the sewing machine, is just so much handier on that fold out table... And what's wrong with using collapsible old fashioned TV trays.

    But I've been reading kijiji searching for a cheap (cause that's me.... Cheap cheap cheap) really big camper. Cause the camping lifestyle is kinda enjoyable without kids. I think we can do it.

  8. After living in a big bustling city, then living in a big house in a beautiful quiet farm land village ... I long to be back in a city. Where I can walk to the pharmacy and just meander down the street with a dog maybe and window shop and be around people.
    I am never around people unless I go to a market or something of that sort.
    I am tired of driving the car for every small thing, errand..
    We downsized a few times, what I have now came from previous lives ( the antiques) and our time in Ar ... I have bought nothing here for the house but plan to get rid of the second bed and maybe a couple of things but basically I am traveling with the same furniture I have had for at least 30 years.
    So anywhere I go ..with my things set about, it looks like Home.
    And the 2 kitties.
    I was daydreaming about Portland Oregon again ... the rain was not so bad .. not when you consider the many feet of snow I get here every winter.
    I wish us all luck in these days .. times that are supposed to be good and satisfying and happy.


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