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Saturday, November 21, 2015

A New President

I am wishing we were in Buenos Aires at this time.
An election. A New President !! I hope .

Just days after we arrived in Argentina, the President died. We were in the parks and there were so many people, everyone was heartbroken, they liked this President.
Television was all about him, the funeral, the question of who would be next ...

And from then on, it was not so great, politics-wise.
It got worse, slowly , crazy rules and laws and political nonsense.

So it is with great hope for the people in Argentina and for the next years of this new Presidents term .. I wish everything good for them all.

President Macri does not sound bad ..


  1. Do I detect a decided lean toward returning to BA? x

  2. Good choice. The Queen nearly ruined the country.

    1. If not for the fabulous people of the country she probably would have .. I have high hopes for the future.


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