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Friday, November 13, 2015


This makes me feel peaceful.


  1. In some circumstances it is probably advisable to share

  2. Definitely .. and to be sure to let the other one have their share first.

  3. Love the photo. A couple of weeks ago there was a documentary on the Buddists of Thailand and their tigers. Absolutely amazing.

  4. I wish I had seen that documentary.

  5. It's on Netflix now if you have it

    1. I don't have netflix but I can look it up and see if I can watch it another way ..

  6. I was going to send you the url because it is from 2006 so I don't know whether or not you could find it anywhere. A friend and I watched it a couple of weeks ago and we were mesmerized about many issues within, and the beauty of it all. If only humans could...

    Here is the title, you can open an account for a free month and if you don't care for their offers - some are not to be even worthy of a perfunctory look - you can cancel it after 30 days. I have not watched tv for about 35 years now and I am very happy without it, but to have a good amount of foreign films and documentaries any time of the day or night, that is worth Netflix to me,

    This is a safe url, it should open another window and hopefully you will be able to watch it. I hope it works, if not the title is The Tiger and the Monk.


  7. I watched it this afternoon .. how wonderful it was .. the tigers and the monks ... both wonderful and the place ! I enjoyed everything about it.
    Thank you so much , Allegra .. What I saw was on Vimeo ..

  8. I was in Thailand in 2008 and visited The Tiger Temple. It was an amazing experience. I walked right beside the tigers into the canyon and had many pictures taken with them. Some with their head in my lap. I also got to hold and cuddle tiger cubs. There is some controversy about the temple, but in my opinion the tigers are not mistreated or drugged.

    1. Oh how envious I am !! I only care that the tigers thrive and are not circus acts or living in horrid conditions. They aren't. So this is all just wonderful to me.


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