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Friday, November 13, 2015

I Need A Change

My hair is past my shoulders. I am ready to cut it . My hair is blonde. I think this is the new haircut.
Cleaner looking with no black roots .

I need a change. We will start with the hair. Move on to the matter of Residence / Location.


  1. Funny, when I begin feeling restless and in need of change, it's always my hair I begin with.
    It's a great, classic bob and I'm willing to bet it will look great on you!

    1. this is my haircut but mine is to my shoulders. the length is all I am thinking of changing.
      when you want to change something in your life, a haircut is always the easiest change to make :)

  2. Nice ..... I've had long straight hair all of my life and would probably need a psychiatrist standing by if I had it cut short !!!!! XXXX

    1. I have always had straight hair but it varied in length and style over the years. the classic "bob" is the usual look. I will still keep it but I think taking some length off will update the look a little.

  3. This is my favorite hair style and I would love to be able to wear it but my hair is too frizzy and curly. You are so lucky to have silky straight hair. This is adorable.

  4. La Vie, for years and years I moaned and groaned about my hair being so straight. Finally I got over it and now I love it. A lot of that was due to my husband loving my hair :)

    1. How totally sweet! JanF

  5. Ah... First things first. Change the hair then think about the house...

    Makes me wonder if, although my hair is sparse on the top and only about 2mm only all over, maybe I should grow a ponytail.

  6. lol... If your hair is sparse on top, the best haircut is to cut it all really short.
    Yes, the hair is so much more important .. really .. at this point in my life, I want hair that compliments me but isn't too ordinary looking. I am feeling ordinary lately. I blame the hair.
    Although living in farm country in Upstate NY could have something to do with it too.

  7. "If your hair is sparse on top, the best haircut is to cut it all really short"

    Ah, so you advise me against the Donald Trump look? If I grew it at the back and dyed the greyness into gold and combed it all over and round on the top then I could manage it, provided the wind didn't blow. But now you've made me reconsider.

    1. LOL !! Do anything but a Donald Trump look !!!
      good .. reconsider. . I am here if you want to toss ideas around :)


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