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Thursday, November 5, 2015

November 6th

I had just moved to New York City .. I was staying in a large apt with friends.
Every day I would take the kitten ( her name was Puss) and we would go walk around the Upper East side and be amazed .. I had only been in Brooklyn a year or so before that but now I was actually living in New York City !!

A couple of days after arriving in NY ..  I met this man. He had just come back from India... where he had been living for a while .. he was instrumental in bringing the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to the US .. he was friends with a great jazz musician who was coming to town and he was just dreamy.

One day I ran into him in the neighborhood and he asked if I would like to have tea.
So we went to Serendipity.
We had tea. We talked. And talked. Time flew, we both walked out of there , slightly dazed .. something big had happened, sitting in that charming place, drinking tea and talking ..

It was November .. my moms birthday .. I flew home to visit and celebrate.
When I returned to NYC, the man was at the airport waiting for me.
I went home with him.
And we were never apart again for over 30 years.

We always celebrated November 6 as our Anniversary. We were married a year later .. but we were really married the day we met.

It has been 2 years since he has been gone.

Our anniversary is tomorrow.


  1. As a reader of your blog daily, the love you shared with your beloved husband is truly remarkable. What lovely memories you created together. When two people share a love like yours - it can never die. I wish you the best.


    1. Thank you Barbara ! Sometimes I wish we had not been so close, it would not have been so devastating to lose him. But then I am so thankful for the time we did have together .

  2. Such A Love True Story
    Not only for you to always hold dear to your heart, but-
    How wonderful for your children to know of the greatest love between their parents.

    1. I think my children were blessed with a good example of what a happy marriage looks like .. sounds like ... feels like. I hope they will have the same.

  3. What a wonderful sweet, sad and lovely post today.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Thank you :) Yes, it is a sad day .. a friend of mine used to say when she was sad,.. her Heart Hurts.
      Today my heart hurts.

  4. Such a touching post. I am so sorry for your loss.

  5. I can feel your sadness and I am truly sorry for your loss. I read your blog every day and I cannot believe it has been two years but for you it must seem like a lifetime. There is nothing else that I can say.

    1. I know ! I actually had to look at the calendar ! On one hand, it still seems so recent .. but 2 years ? one maybe but 2 ??
      The first was such a haze of grief I guess..

  6. What a sweet memory of your husband. You have loved each other deeply and dearly. I'm so sorry for your loss..

  7. Oh Candice...
    A love story for sure♥️
    I often wonder id I lost my boyfriend...what would I do...
    I met him when I was 17..I am 65 now...what would I do....
    You have come a long way in 2 years...
    Think of you often...
    Linda :o)

  8. in coincidence wise...
    I met my husband Feb a bar (it was the 70's) that we both frequented, but strangely never actually met each other before at it. It was two days before valentines. I always tell my kids, we picked each other up. He spent the night.....I tried real hard to get him out the next morning cause I had a lunch date with someone else. God it was a nightmare cause they knew each other.....I had visions of them coming face to face at the elevator. Lucky for me #2 was late.
    ...#1 finally said good bye see you Friday, valentines day....
    ...Finally showed up on SATURDAY with a potted purple mum (i thought what a douche....this is something I would have bought for my grandmother if she was hospitalized). Anyway I was furious. No date for valentines.
    Apparently it was POKER NITE with the (stupid) guys from work!!!! And apparently he was winning and couldn't leave till they all had a chance to get their $$$ back. Stupid rule but apparently true. Little did I care as a 21 yr old. Anyway I always say We met and broke up two days later then an hour later made up and we've been together since. we celebrate feb 12 instead of our actual anniversary. And the really strange thing....All 3 of our kids do exactly the same thing. One of them met on April 1st when they were 15 yrs old and married on April 1st 10 yrs later. Must be a genetic thing. haha


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