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Alan Cohen
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Friday, November 6, 2015


Merlin has mastered the art of Napping.
Minette is right up there with him.

I have to try harder.

You know, if you lie down somewhere quiet and comfortable and just let a cat nap next to you, you will fall asleep right away.
It is something about the cat nap vibes ...

If it were not so late in the day, I would be there with Merlin .. cat napping.
I think Minette is there with him though ... that is good.
Everyone needs a nap buddy.


  1. What a sweet napping face! I get napping vibes from my kitties, too. We do a lot of napping together during weekend :-)

  2. What a sweet kittie.
    Even nice warm gud dug help you to nap.
    They just drift off so easily.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. It is almost impossible to stay awake when they are napping sometimes ..

  4. My dear and now dead cat used to love it when I settled down for a nap. She would be up beside me immediately and soon we would be purring asleep together (my wife called my purring snoring, but I'm sure the cat knew I was purring along with her).

  5. Andrew, of course you were purring ! They are the best nap buddies, aren't they ? :)

  6. Today when I started to talk to the cat, we were lying on the sofa listening to music, he put his paw on my mouth ... lol

    1. Ha ha. No doubt he was thinking "Shut up woman I am trying to listen to the music"


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