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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Lost & Found

I lost my  car keys.
While I was looking for my glasses.
After much searching, swearing, blaming my addled brain for everything including global warming,
I found the keys.

Lucky we had His,  Hers and Just In Case sets of keys.
I checked, His are still safely put away.
Where I had better not go ...they will disappear otherwise.

I still can't find my glasses.

When things go so completely missing, I think one tends to blame someone else.
Otherwise, during those hours of searching , racking ones brain for the location of the last time the object was seen .. or used .. that would be a door .. I would be wondering Who took them and not Where did I leave them.

I am watching the cats though.
Merlin never looks awake enough to have spent that much energy to hide keys.
Minette.... definitely .. snickering while she did it.
Smirking while she watches me search.
But no ... we snuggled all night, she couldn't have been so mean.

could she ?

** the keys were found. Minette didn't do it. Merlin slept through it. But I lost my glasses.
They appeared this morning .. I have a poltergeist .. poltercat ? All is well. **


  1. I usually blame it (missing keys and glasses) on the ghosts in my house. They seem to follow me from house to house.... Can't seem to leave my things alone. It's like that invisible child that gets blamed for everything. We used to call him Albert. Albert was a naughty child. Albert got blamed alot. I always meant to include him in family portraits but he didn't get into trouble before the appointment so we kept forgetting about him. Pooooor Albert. I should ask my grown up kids if they remember him.
    Since my favorite brother-in-law passed away suddenly, unexpectedly couple 9 yrs ago, I always blame him for the lost keys and glasses. "Bob.... Put them back" I know it's nuts.... But I'll usually turn around and search again... And THERE THEY ARE.... RIGHT WHERE I LEFT them

  2. kathy, that is a great story ! I guess when I start looking for something that I just put down and now I can't find it ... I will just yell Bob !! where are my glasses !! lol ... my family will be sure to commit me then.


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