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Monday, October 12, 2015

It Was A Good Day

Merlin has settled in to his new life here ... he seems to have adjusted quite easily.
Minette might be having a harder time with it. She likes him and they often are found sleeping next to each other , at afternoon nap times but she still gets all huffy and stomps out of the room if I am seen holding him and talking love talk to him.
If I try to hold her after I have been holding him, she will struggle to get away and will leave the room.
She has a lot of attitude, my little Minette.
Merlin ... no attitude at all.
He is old and sweet and dear. 
He has bad eyesight, he might be a bit hard of hearing and he is missing a few teeth.
But he is no longer all boney and frail feeling and he has been seen playing like a kitten with a new toy someone bought just for him.
He enjoys nothing more than a good pillow and some sunshine for his naps.
And at night, he is there on my bed, waiting for me to settle down so he can get his beauty rest.
He never meows. He never hisses or acts unpleasant in any way.
He does purr .. very loudly. Very sweetly.
It was a Good Day when we found Merlin.


  1. Merlin is the Maurice Chevalier of the pair, a wise old gentleman. Minette is the feisty ingenue, too young and insecure to understand that sharing the spotlight can be a good thing.

  2. I got a second dog when my first was about 7 or so. It took a good six months with some wary glaring, but they settled in together and eventually bonded very strongly. I think the M&M kids will do just fine over time.

  3. Emm, they seem to have finally bonded. One is rarely in a room without the other. And they figured out who sleeps where on my bed at night ... I still get to sleep in the same spot.

  4. Minette is so adorable. I love kitties with attitude! Goro gets jealous if Niko gets too much attention, but I find it very charming :-) Merlin is such a sweetheart!


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