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Sunday, October 11, 2015

It Happened Again Today

First I heard the geese .. the cats were glued to the glass doors... looking at what I could not see.
I went to the sunroom and slid open the glass doors then we all heard them .. the starlings.
At first I could just see a few flying around in the back yard, coming in from the fields beyond ... then they got louder ... then I saw more ... and more ... a huge black cloud of black birds .

A Murmuration ... they swoop and swirl and fly into the sky then down into the tree tops and stay a short while then as one they all lift off and fly on .. to wherever they are headed.

I have seen this twice now - in person. Once before on a video when I didn't even know I would be living in a house , much less out in the countryside.

It is mind blowingly wonderful ... Nature in it's glory ... the sight and the sound.

Here is a video , since you know I am not up to filming one of my own.
But the thing is ... they all do the same thing, make the same sound ... just different locations..




  1. I go every year to watch ours in Portland, it is truly incredible.

    Several nights during September they come down to Chapman's school chimney to spend the night there, since they are diurnal travelers, that is their night home. It is a wonderful experience for those who love birds. Once they overstay their welcome and the school didn't turn on the heat until several weeks later because they were late to leave than their usual migration. I am sure many were very cold but by then in school but anything to help the birds. Another reason to love Portland, as if I didn't already have enough.

    That black cloud is the only one I will always welcome.

  2. I never saw it except on a video until last year. It is truly breathtaking.

    Starlings got a bad reputation in NY for causing a plane crash years ago at one of the airports.
    Portland is easily lovable.

  3. How wonderful. This must be such a magnificent sight. I am envious.

  4. Oh My Goodness, where you live at this time of the year must be wonderful !

    cheers, parsnip

  5. parsnip, it is pretty here, that's for sure. Farms and dairies and horse farms, alpacas and Highland cattle and sheep .. all a part of living in the country .. oh and birds too. LOL


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